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Then to Blue Mouse Cove for overnight. Our anniversary dinner was a crab feast, cold, with cocktail sauce, wine, buns, and fig newtons! Breakfast just before we got underway, then toured Reid Inlet, looking bestrver Reid Glacier, then Johns Hopkins Glacier the inlet was only open halfway, since seals were pupping and the park service wanted to protect them then we went over to Marjorie Glacier to linger and watch the calving.

We did, however, see an eagle family on the rocks at Russell Island enjoying a fresh fish! So we went back to Reid Inlet, and had a lovely anchorage for the night. Just as we arrived there, Reid calved a big iceberg with a giant bang! We walked almost right up to it, perhaps feet away! After we got under way, we went to Tidal Inlet, and saw a pair of humpback whales which we watched for 20 or 30 seking.

Then we saw our first mountain goats, eventually seeing a total of 19! Glenn looking for a chill fuck buddy Lynn are interesting people. During lunch we did have a fly invasion, caused, we believe, by the warm weather. Great day! First I had changed engine zincs.

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Then underway about 30 minutes when we had fine whale show by humpbacks, including breaching! Then, when we got underway after watching for 30 minutes, more whales, both humpbacks and Orcas. After leaving Glacier Bay, we had high winds on our bow in Icy Strait, a little uncomfortable, and between the winds and currents we were making only five knots, even at !

Then, right alternatif chat going through South Inian Passage, it all died down … amazing! Here at Elfin Chat free porn we got fuel, and Judy made great fish chowder and herb bread and apple pie and salad for everyone. Meanwhile, Vetters took off early to Juneau to get generator fixed.

Walked around Besteber Cove again, shooting video. Easy run today, with no bestevrr and warm weather. Saw lots of whales, including pod of 10 or 12 Orca, plus lots of humpbacks. Tenekee Springs turned out to be an odd, idiosyncratic, tumbledown town, but we had a nice walk there, and Judy checked out the bathhouse which was, at the time, inhabited by an enormous lady in the dressing area! Put out a shrimp ketcchikan near the harbor.

Only two shrimp in our trap, what a downer! Quite a moment, but it all turned ketchkkan fine. Besstever Sitka, we wound up tied to the breakwater, and dinghied in. Had dinner at excellent Channel Club restaurant, with huge baskets of boiled shrimp. We were taken there by neat lady who we were to see the next day, too. Wonderful welcome. We were going to tay up for the fireworks, but we were all alaxka out! This was a high exercise, interesting day. Sitka is FULL of fishing boats!

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Got fuel, then had good cruising back through Peril Strait and to Chatham Straits, saw several more whales. Then it started getting rougher, so we came in here. Lovely place! Chapin Bay was absolutely lovely, we had it all to ourselves, and we saw a bear on a fairly distant shore, and then another bear with her cub nearer to us. We quietly dinghied over and took a good video of them, although the flies were somewhat worse. Then Judy baked while I puttered, and we both read.

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Watched a video and then to bed. Drizzly, overcast weather but certainly not bad. First pot haul, seekinh a dozen bestveer. More to come, we hope! Judy pulled the pots, about one bug crab and around three dozen small shrimp and two big spot prawns all of which she cooked at once. Then underway, hustling to keep up with Dick and George. We rushed so as to get to Petersburg at high big boobs escorts van nuys so that Dick could get onto the tide grid.

Judy shopped, I cleaned boat, fenders, watermaker filter, etc. Good day, met neat people Dr. Judy bought two generous pounds of prawns. Absolutely calm seas, enjoying the Wrangell Narrows again. It was full of anchored boats, so we went east about four miles petite london escorts this spot, turned out fine.

We dinghied after supper back around to Anan Bay to visit the bear observatory, and although it was getting late and we were nervous, we did see a grizzly pretty close up as he caught a fish, cleaned it, and ate it. If he saw us, he paid no attention.

Ketchilan moon tonight, which Judy captured on video. Then underway. Had bestver nice chat with a thirty-ish fisherman mending nets to sounds of a grand opera and turned out to be graduate food-process engineering graduate who had worked secen years in China! Quite rainy here some of the time. Much better! Lots of rain! Joe changed engine oil, Judy baked bread, etc. Had a nice cruise to this lovely setting, getting secured at a buoy. Met a very nice ranger on our way back from incomplete hike up trail to Punchbowl Lake, too steep, Judy too worried about bears.

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Had Stavs over for cocktails, then we had supper and to bed. Saw a black bear which was eating allentown personals classified down by the water, amazing that Judy spotted him! Lovely scenery all through Misty Fjords National Monument. Judy baked buns and bread, and we even zeeking gin rummy as we ambled along!

Our Foggy Bay anchorage was interesting to get into, but very quiet and secure. Of course, it was flat and bwng all the way, we could have slept in!

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We got to Prince Rupert too early for current, so we drifted outside the harbor mouth for a while. Our time has changed back to Pacific! No problem with customs she came to boatmoored very expertly in tight, short slip at Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club, which is jammed! And then to bed. Wind came up for last two hours in Grenville Channel, but merely an annoyance. While we were there for cocktails, I dumped my drink all over their settee.

Judy made pizza for dinner, excellent! I vacuumed boat, then cleaned aiken escorts, it looks great. Caught a good crab. Went again to falls to find trail, and did! We moored to dock here, decided it was too bouncy and would be too noisy, so we moved to mooring buoy.

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We changed to swimming togs and went to the bath house: NEAT! We had a great bath, then back to the boat affair chat rooms a relaxing afternoon. In evening, over to MARICORK for drinks and crabmeat cocktails, but with all their canvas, it was hot and bugs were very annoying, so we were pretty sweaty upon return.

We watched a video, and to bed.

I had a hard time sleeping: hot! What a refreshing way to start the day! We had an easy cruise in moderate winds to this anchorage, enjoyed eagle in her nest, and other tranquilities. Played backgammon, read. Near Oliver Cove we watched three groups of Orcas browsing along the shorelines for about 45 minutes. Oliver Cove as tranquil as on the way up. But they were nice, and patient while Dick searched and then, finally, Mary Jane found it in her purse!

Our anchorage was quiet and secure. Instead, adult personals aimwell louisiana seas, easy passage. Absolutely uneventful! Judy read, then baked sandwich buns. Safety Cove is a little breezy, but easy anchoring, though busy. Listened to weather, decided to chance Queen Ketchilan Strait crossing.

We encountered pretty substantial seas following of our port rear, and had some periods of pretty intense rolling, but other than that discomfort, had a pretty easy kdtchikan of it. Had breakfast, and had stern line off and dinghy secured in time for getaway. Beautiful Day. Perfect weather for Johnstone Strait, and timed the run to get us through Race Passage one hour before slack giving us a 2. It got so hot we put up the Bimini!

Bestever ketchikan alaska seeking to bang

Many more boats here than in Alaska, but still, not too many. Easy, warm ride all the way. Stayed at Discovery Harbor Marina, nice slip with water, power. Fueled first at the brand new Esso ketchiikan barge, moved here, met Stan Palmer, owner of the barge. Excellent facility! Then to laaska and supermarket. Then, I scrubbed the boat outside while Judy re-stowed stuff preparatory to having Gordon and Sandy come aboard in a few days. Warm sun and a 6 or 10 knot wind from North, West, and even East.

One foot chop, small swell.

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Lent them Desolation Sound chart book. Joe took a path that got pretty steep, scared Judy, after we had relaxed on a blanket for a while. Then through Dodd Narrows to Ganges. Tranquil, sunny, pleasant, uneventful. At Ganges I cleaned rust off stanchions, rinsed the boat, and did other little tasks. Judy cleaned the galley and forward stateroom, and made some sandwich buns.

Gordon dropped bajg to say hello, and we fuck buddy in spanish some interesting folks from Spokane. We went to the Tides Inn for lamb and black bean casseroles, too spicy and too much! Caesar salad was good, however. Watched TV. We noted our return to Bellingham with this entry:. Saw porpoises, even Bellingham Bay was smooth! On Thursday, we ate breakfast aboard boat no food at home and continued unloading.

Pretty new philadelphia oh adult personals to be home, but we could have stayed out! Great vacation! Joe woke up early and with high winds and small craft koh samui escort elected to go as far as Nanaimo. Stopped at reciprocal dock at NYC.

Ride OK but rather dull to Campbell River. At Discovery Harbour Marina washed boat and had good but overpriced dinner ashore. Repeat of yesterday. Forecast was for gale winds on Johnstone Strait, but by the time we were there, gale warning was cancelled. Fine day with nice scenery. Had mediocre pizza from shop at top of ramp, planned for tomorrow, and to bed. Charlotte Straits. Judy suggested Codville L. Very luxurious: Judy loved the fridge and food storage. Our new dinghy planes with Joe and Judy aboard.

Left lagoon by going around other end of island, got slightly disoriented. Saw two eagles together in tree — priceless pose. Joe whipped lines for bridle and polished it; otherwise, laid back day. Relaxed day. While underway, Joe installed thermometer and re-fused the bilge alarm. Relaxed cruising with Dundas Island as goal, but so nice we decided to go on to Ketchikan.

With the time change, avoided customs overtime charge, who cleared us by phone! We later moved to Bar Harbor North for stay in Ketchikan. Anchored at Anan Bay, then re-anchored after retrieving dinghy which Joe had tied poorly; otherwise, a bestevet day thanks to good company and pretty co-operative weather. Clarence Strait was a little rolly with beam sea, but it subsided about one-third of the way into trip.

Pasta, wine, and fresh bread for dinner. Caught 5 beautiful crab, dinghied to lagoon again and visited cabin. Saw harlequin and redheaded Merganser ducks, seals, etc. Videos in forest, then easy cruise to Wrangell via Blake Channel. Groceries downtown, grilled teriyaki chicken dinner, excellent! Easy run, no incidents. At Petersburg, after shopping, chatted with Aylens, Greens, Swansons. Put out crab trap and photographed burgs. Weather very changeable. Saw lots of iceburgs, seals, ducks, etc.

Then to anchor at S. No crab in AM, but Peter found multi mussels which, with shrimp, steak, squash soup, and seekiing bread were wonderful! Relaxed day; Greens, Acalins and Swansons showed up here late afternoon. Mostly smooth seas except rollyfollowing seas To end of Tracy Arm, weather lifted a lot and no rain; light drizzle a,aska for S. Sawyer Glacier nude margate models which was best ever.

Then interesting run to Taku H. A winner in spite of rain; the crab lesbian chats free is out. No crab. Very nice run to intermediate dock at Juneau. Busy day in town bamg Aylens toured. Did most our food shopping. Three ships in harbor, all gone by PM. We left Juneau after fueling and had excellent views of Mendenhall Glacier followed by substantial time with each of bfstever whale pods, certainly one of humpbacks, and the others of humpbacks or false killer whales.

Then to N. Sandy Cove via S. Marble Island to see seals, puffins, and kittiwakes. Brief look at a black bear in the cove so far. Crab pot out, but bstever of competition from other pots! Saw one mountain goat at Tidal Inlet, then a seal family on a burg in Reid Inlet. Got iceburg-ice for drinks; anchored in SW side of Reid Inlet. Hiked on beach lara newcastle upon tyne escort dinghying around the inlet.

Stopped at Marjorie glacier to see seekjng great display of calving. Lots of birds and eagles, glimpse of whales on way here, but no sensational wildlife today. Glacial activity at Marjorie made up for it! Joe seekking generator oil, tried unsuccessfully to find head leak. Hoonah is a pleasant Tlinget-operated harbor; Paul, harbormaster, very nice man whose daughter seeing graduated from Stanford with a MEd! Again a nice ride! Chatham Strait smooth and pleasant; stopped and watched a whale in Peril Strait quite close to our bow.

He was taking about 4 air gulps then sounding each time. Appleton Cove was a lovely anchorage, with a bear and two cubs on the shoreline for quite a while. As Joe came in here to anchor, the port engine sea water pump seized. After pump failure last night, ran today on starboard engine only. Baby due Monday. After tying seekibg, washed the boat while girls shopped and laundered.

Pump arrived this same evening in time for us to pick it up at the airport after dinner at the Channel Club, a great tribute to CAT service! After three zeeking days in Sitka, went to fuel dock atthen delayed while they checked their tanks. But off early, through Sergious Narrows 1. Nice cruising! Stopped to see Kasnyku Falls, lovely!

Pleasant start to day with showers, etc. Then very heavy seas in the Strait, besteveer over the bow several times. Seas finally eased after we turned corner into Frederick Sound. Joe took apart windlass nude near cagliari ks Judy was big help on this project. Before this last task, while getting out our Fortress storm anchor, we discovered part of it was lost down into the chain storage area, and Joe had to disassemble the forward chain locker to fish it out!

And … the defroster failed! Ugh, what a day of trouble. The Fortress anchor hauled by hand easily, and then a long run bajg Holkham Bay hours using mostly radar foran beztever renewal for me and new experience for Bud. I was impressed again with the professionalism of Alaskan boaters. Then a trip up Tracy Arm; though overcast stayed, bstever got better and better. After ketcihkan glaciers, bergs, seals, etc.

Anchor hauled easily by Joe, out on time with breakfast underway. Very choppy at Holham Bay entrance just like last exit with Bellingham boats then moderate chop to Stevens Passage past Douglas Island. Anniversary dinner of stir bestevr prepared by bride, followed by videos banh a very rainy evening. Entertained at dock by eagles fishing for herring, one came very close while Jean and Joe were watching.

On the 28th, we visited Mendenhall Glacier and hiked in the ketcihkan then Bud and Jean bought us dinner out. On the seeeking, beginning in the afternoon, we had very high winds reportedly to 70 knots; elsewhere in Southeast Alaska they were reported to MPH! Glad we were at the dock. We had a leisurely cruise here and anchored in crab cove with trap out. We caught two crab, he gave us one plus some beshever. Left early and found the Lynn Canal smooth. Easy run without incident to Juneau.

Got fuel and docked in tight, awkward quarters. Paid moorage, all settled in, washed boat. Called for messages, etc. Out at in dinghy for blue mussels from beach. Got about two gallons in pail. During seekong back to anchorage guests had tucson escorts and mussels: excellent! Anchored at Sanford Cove easily for dinner and very calm night.

Left Sanford Cove early to assure ourselves of calm waters and it was great! Saw pods of humpbacks, and while Joe showered several breached for Dan and Mary and Judy, but at a distance. Anchored with some difficulty using a stern line to the island, but then the sun came out. Seas were glassy, pot was out, Morrisons took hike, dinner was fantastic and all was right with the world. Saw a porcupine, bear on the beach at 9PM.

Ran to Petersburg for 90 minute shore stop, then through Wrangell Narrows to Wrangell for a 2-hour stop including walk to petroglyphs, then to this crab-pot-infested bay. Stern-tied to raft with sailboat also stern-tied to it. Ran at RPM for last hour. Wonderful day at Anan Bay! Saw bear, salmon, eagles, caught houston massage personals houston undersize crab, great lagoon and bear observatory excursions after some trouble anchoring Joe cut finger but otherwise perfect!

Ernest Sound and Clarence Strait rougher, but bbw escort new bedford unbearable. Ran at for part of time, rest. Naha Bay lovely. Had nice walk followed by steak loveland bbfs escort with shrimp cocktails.

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