Christie escort nottingham



Christie escort nottingham

I recently attended a social gathering of punters near London and during the evening I met a guy who told christje his favourite escort does not even offer full service. This intrigued me so I asked him more.

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It turned out the escort was Tiny of Watford whose services do include striptease, toy show, and hand job, but no intercourse. This kind of punt sounded rather different, so I looked around the web and found another escort who offers a similar service and decided to book her myself. Christie is a charming and elegant lady with a rather spooky resemblance to that gorgeous blonde newsreader Kirsty Young! We chatted over a drink in my room discussing all the naughty things she still gets up to without fucking - O to completion, tit wank, foot wank, toy show The swell of her full boobs was straining eros escorts new tyler the sheer fabric; she looked mouth-wateringly stunning and a little trouser adjustment was needed already.

Christie smiled as nortingham noticed my condition and asked me escoft I liked kissing? She came over and started snogging me, gently with soft lips, then led me over to the bed.

Christie escort nottingham

I sat on the edge and she straddled me, her tits placing themselves right in front of esclrt nose, so I started to stroke them through her dress. To allow me better access Christie peeled her figure-hugging dress up over her head and I instantly buried my face between her DD breasts.

We kissed some more before she then removed her pink lacy bra unleashing her bouncy puppies on me. Although these are obviously implants they still felt great to play with, gratifyingly squidgy. I set to work on her nipples, licking and sucking them to hardness. Christie just loves to have her titties played with and I was glad to oblige.

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You could spend hours happily lost between those tits. At one point she said "I can't wait to feel your dick in between them later on". Next Christie unbuttoned my shirt, licking and kissing my chest, and rubbing her body all over me. I took the opportunity to lick and suck her tits some more as they passed near my mouth. Christie stood up and stepped out of her g-string, giving me sight of her naked pussy for the first time, but still leaving on her suspender belt, stockings and high-heeled shoes, a most sexy sight indeed.

Her pussy is completely bare - permanently in fact, via laser hair removal. We switched places, Christie now sitting on the bed with me standing up so she could help me out of my trousers. At this point she normally establishes whether a client wants to have a first cum and then build up again or pace himself right till the end. Nice to be given the choice! I didn't trust my recovery time so I only wanted to cum the once.

On removing my pants Kimora escort immediately grabbed hold of my cock, wanked him a bit, then popped him into her mouth for some uncovered oral. My fella stood to attention immediately and Christie slid him between her baps for a nice firm tit wank. Blimey it felt good in there.

She does a fine job of squeezing them together tightly so you get a great sensation on your knob.

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At Christie's invitation I took a seat on the chair and opened my legs wide. She knelt down before me and proceeded to give me a great session of oral sex. Christie really gives a good sucking, and mixes it up well by licking up and down your shaft and around the head. She looks you right in the eyes too, so elegant yet so mom married milf chat. It's a great sensual experience and this lady really knows how to give good head.

She seemed to know when I was near to cumming too, and asked me if she should carry on, or should we go play on the bed some more?

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How considerate. I opted for the bed. I lay down and Christie kissed her way all up my body until she was astride my face. I lost no time with my tongue licking out her smooth pussy.

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She tasted lovely and seemed to get off on what I was doing. I also took the chance to slide a finger into her cunt, which felt nice and tight. At the same time I licked her little arsehole, which really got her going. Now it was time for a toy show. Christie reached over for her pink dildo from the bedside table, gave it a suck, applied some lube then inserted it gradually inside her pussy.

She encouraged me to play with her at the same time, so I used my hand to softly frig her clitoris whilst at the same time suckling on one nipple.

Impressive multi-tasking here! Then we swopped over; I pumped her pussy gently with the toy while Christie played with her clit. I asked if she could actually make herself cum like this and she said yes it blackburn escort bbbj take her long. Not much later I enjoyed truly feeling her body spasm on the end of the dildo I was still holding. She orgasmed with a series of shudders, and it was lovely to experience this knowing I had contributed to the climax.

Christie escort nottingham

Next it was time for me to have some more attention, so I lay back down and surrendered to Christie blowing me again. She soon had my cock rock hard again with some vigorous sucking - just the way I like it.

Christie escort nottingham

ladies seeking nsa lupton michigan 48635 We just naturally moved into sixty-nine and I got to lick her pussy and arse some more. After a while I asked Christie if she could show me a foot wank. For this nottinggham had to remove the rest of her clothes. So I watched as she slipped off her dainty shoes and slowly removed her seamed stockings and suspender belt. I stayed where I was lying on the bed and Christie positioned herself between my legs, facing me, propped up by some pillows.

Applying lube to both my dick and her own feet she held my cock nottinngham the arches of her little feet and moved them steadily up and down to give me an interesting foot wank. It was a very strange sensation at first, nothing like a hand job. The position we adopted meant I was staring straight at her pussy and tits as her neat feet with their red toenails wanked me off, so I was getting well turned on. After a bit Christie suggested I actually hold her feet together, to help me get maddie escort firmer sensation.

I could now control the pressure and the speed, which greatly improved the feeling. Then Christie turned herself around to show me another way of doing it - this time she knelt over, pointing away from me. Women seeking men sf still gripped my dick between her toes, and at the same time reached round to fuck her exposed slit with her toy.

Quite a trick of co-ordination and quite a visual feast too. I think I'll leave all that to the foot fetishists. It was now time to round off the session with the oral to completion. I relaxed on the bed again and Christie went to work on my manhood with her pretty lips. With some vigorous sucking and good use of her hand as well I soon nottinghwm myself squirting my load straight into her open mouth.

Christie chooses not to swallow so instead she let my cream bounce on to her tongue and then drip back down onto me. Great cgristie seeing the spunk result!

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After a clean-up we rested for a moment on the bed and she told me she also offers an oily body-to-body massage, but chriistie does make quite a mess. I could imagine it would feel awesome with those firm tits slipping all over you but I was quite happy with what we had done. So it's a different kind of punt, which Notingham can now see holds attractions.

What's a bit of oral amongst friends? It might also be good for an inexperienced punter or anybody with performance anxieties. So well worth a try I guess.

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Watch Paige from Kent acting as a naughty college girl, or Escort Ruth from Nottingham nursing her patient. Copyright Real Punting. Place: Outcall to my hotel. Description: Well-spoken, lovely lady in her early 30s with long wavy blonde hair, 32DD boobs, dainty size 3 feet esort fit body.

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