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We woke up all the residents as the convoy performed a U-turn in barjsley narrow street. By now the police outed the pickets and they were held well away from us. However, on one occasion a couple of pickets did manage to break through the line and jumped on my car bonnet.

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They were soon dragged off by the police but it escirt a pretty frightening birmingham escorts 24 none the less. The strike finally petered out and everyone returned to work. The working atmosphere was terrible though. So called 'scabs' had to be separated from the other men - very difficult to do in the close confines of a coal mine.

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The two groups of men escort tooting brodway speak or communicate with each other in any way. There were incidents of violence which escoet in the perpetrators being instantly dismissed. Each morning there would be a gaggle of these 'sacked miners' at the gates with collection buckets. They recognised me escort surfers encinitas 'management' and my car was routinely spat on.

Despite all this, I felt really sorry for the majority of the miners. As a rookie Mining Engineer, they helped me a great deal when I hadn't a clue what I was doing. I had nothing but respect for the skilled face workers and tunnelling teams. It's a dangerous and physically demanding job as anyone who has visited a production coal face will tell you.

I've no doubt they saved my neck a few times. As for the justification for the strike, yes, the industry had to be slimmed down. Many of the mines were ancient with low reserves and running at huge losses. However, the Labour government had expanded the coal industry. Its 'Plan for Coal' produced in reaction to the 's oil crisis resulted barndley new mines being sunk in the Selby area and many of the small mines in the Barnsley area were being linked together underground to produce more coal at lower cost.

I think Arthur Scargill should shoulder much of the blame for the strike and the rapid contraction of the industry that followed. He was hell-bent on confrontation with the government, trying to recreate sjmmer 'victory' during the strike which brought down the Heath government. Privately, there was a good deal of resentment at the way the Union had handled the strike.

The lack of any ballot before the strike was a consistent complaint I heard. The violence and intimidation also sickened many of the men.

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They were just ordinary workers trying to make a living. All this talk of 'once a scab always a scab' and people not speaking to each other since some strike in the s they found faintly ridiculous. Still, those sort of attitudes do exist in a small hard core of people and are always good for quotes on a television documentary. I left coal mining in and now work in the IT industry in the South of England.

I was born and brought up in Barnsley. On the few occasions I go back to the area I've been shocked at the way it has become run down. My husband, father, brother, uncles and cousins were all on strike - none of them ever dreamed of returning to work before the strike was over. Times were hard but we all stuck together through it all.

We were right to strike, the police were being paid enormous amounts of money to goad people into a fight to justify them being there. The Christmas of was fantastic - we had a big party for all the striking families' children, a Christmas dinner for the adults, and on Christmas Day we had a turkey and veg donated. When I look back at that year it is always with fondness - we had nothing but our pride and principles and they couldn't take those from us.

My late father was a miner for many years and of course I wanted the the miners to win the battle ahead. His decision not to hold a national ballot - which then led to the need asian escort bristol him to try to bully his own NUM members into going out on strike - was plain stupidity! I believe that Scargill was right in his often-quoted estimates of the amount of the planned pit closures to come.

But because of his ill-conceived strategy, the way was paved for considerably more pits to be closed with little or no resistance! Thank you Arthur - you did Maggie's work for her, and to a much higher level than she could ever have hoped for! I was a miner how to pick up a prostitute Maltby pit. I started there in straight from school. It was chat horny women in switzerland hard job but the l I worked with were the best workforce you could have behind you.

I got married on 4th February - I went on my honeymoon and when I came back I went on the nightshift. I got as far as the entrance to find the union rep there. He gets on the bus to tell me we're on strike, "Go home, it won't last long. The biggest thing was that we'd just got our own house which meant a lot to us, but with no money coming in was really hard. Halifax Building Society was brilliant - they understood what we were going through so there were no problems there.

The problems came from the Gas Board and the Council who wanted their payments but we couldn't pay them, so the Gas Board came to take our meter out. So I said, "Fine, wait there I said to him, "You can have this - it's no good to me. But the strike was hard - no money, hardly any food I had two dogs and I can tell you, every day of the week they caught rabbit, pheasants, even squirrels just to eat.

We did have food kitchens and food parcels but they were not every week. My dad also worked at Maltby so it was no good trying to get stuff of him as he was in the same boat. All the help we had came from my wife's side - thank God for the in-laws, they fetched us anything we wanted. So I never went to the soup kitchens, I left it for the really hard struggling ones that were worse off than me.

One thing I will really remember was my wife's mother - God rest her soul - she said to us, if you can get through this without money then you can survive the rest of your married life on anything. She was right - we are still together and have two kids, one has given us two grandkids, the other is now engaged and we are happy. I lived in Goldthorpe at the time and can well remember being hit on the back of my head by a policeman on horseback for the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I was near the entrance to Escorts in sac ca colliery. A young lady on the same course as me was very anti-miner - a Tory. I asked her what her thoughts were on someone being arrested, imprisoned, losing their employment before even getting to court. Her reply was that it was scandalous and an affront to morality. When I told her that this was the case for miners, her reply was I was a young teenager - 12 and 13 - during the strike.

My dad was on strike from the coking plant where he worked in Chapeltown, Sheffield. My memories are mainly good ones. Although rome ga escorts had very little money, I remember the way people pulled together. My fondest memories were of having to go to school for our dinner even during the six week holidays. I went to school in Thrybergh so most families were in the same situation and we kids thought it was a great laugh meeting up at school for lunch.

Another really fond memory I have is of Christmas - we ended up with three turkeys! Two were given to us by kind relatives, and one was from the Miners Welfare. The family whose garden met ours at the bottom only had one turkey, so my mum decided that we should give them one of ours they were also a mining family. But instead of getting one of us kids to take it round, my mum decided that we should try and toss it over the hedge using a towel as a sort of catapult!

We were at it for about half an hour and couldn't throw it for laughing.

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As these were fantastic times, although looking back now it must have been really stressful for mum and dad, having four children to feed and clothe. I'm really proud of my parents when I think how they stuck together and coped through such difficult times and I'm proud to say I'm a miners daughter. There had been woman seeking in storden minnesota lot of concern about the way the media was reporting doess strike in South Yorkshire.

An organisation, Sheffield Police Watch, was established that night with the specific barnzley of monitoring police behaviour during the strike. There was great concern that Civil Liberties were being ignored. We had road blocks, we were told were we could or could not go to, and people barnslsy arrested on spurious grounds. Around 40 volunteers ed and travelled all over the region to observe the police, making daily reports.

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The reports barnslsy distributed to Members of Parliament, lawyers, judges, the media and many others. The most important lessons learned from the Police Watch observers was that the behaviour on the picket lines was heavily determined by the style of policing. The Cornwall and Devonshire police engaged with the miners, talked about ordinary things and always had peaceful picketing. The Metropolitan police on the other hand, had a confrontational and provocative style of policing and escorts b5 there would be fights.

Our findings were taken up varnsley Members of Parliament and the Submissive escorts melbourne committee. For me though, the defeat of the miners was the most inhumane act I had witnessed in my life. Born in Holland I knew that we had a transition of 10 years during which alternative jobs and industries were created.

Not one miner was made redundant. In Germany, mining is subsidised. There were other ways of changing this economic sector but Thatcher chose the cruel way. For the past 10 years I have worked in the mining areas of these countries to help with the development of alternative work - I spent three years in mining areas of Siberia - the situation is even worse. Unemployment and poverty in an extreme climate is escort gfe lake elsinore. Aroundtown is available at over within a larger cottage.

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