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I left it alone and let it do its thing and it appeared to fix itself. Just as I was coming home, I received escory "Service Required" message. I had gotten really attached to this unit in the past few days due to its performance being on par with my ix.

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I am seeing too many of these post here and RE. Larry, I have sent you a PM. Replied to your PM, jmccam. I understand your frustration and apologize for it. I am checking with our QA and production department for any spikes in recent return rates on our refurbished merchandise, they mistress gaia been within xvailable levels.

Availxble are all independently tested, including environmental testing, so I am not sure how you received two faulty detectors back to back, a very rare occurence.

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I am taking this issue very seriously and expect internally for a solution. While I enjoy the ability for us to be able to offer obsolete refurbished products for a lower price, if poor reliability is an issue then it is not worth it. Our policy towards recently purchased defective merchandise is either to replace the unit with pre-paid priority shipping or to issue a refund for the returned product.

Replacements are sent out the same business day that we recieve them. We now get many false alerts. Can this be fixed for 65 dollars also? I think our has been dropped once too many.

Damage from mis-use to the antenna or the printed circuit board PCB will require an additional fee. Do you think it just needs a reset instead of a repair? Are the refurbished X50 units that Escort sells on ebay the S7 platform?

My sincerest apologies :o This software is specifically for X50s with the M4 platform. The refurbished X50s available from our eBay outlet store do not include this new software, they are all S7 based units. With TSR software installed you will see an additional preferences option to enable or disable the function. Default setting is disabled.

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TSR strengthens the filtering to remove a type of pulsed traffic sensor that causes K falsing and is extremely annoying. K response time is lengthened slightly with TSR enabled. So it looks like all the radar detectors on Escort's ebay use the S7 platform. Is this correct? You can certainly try a reset first, you will just have to change your personal settings back to what they were, but PLEASE be careful using the detector until you are certain it is detecting properly.

The reason it will display "service required" in the first place is to notify you that it encountered a problem before an officer does. My X50 S7 just arrived today.

I edited my post to clarify repair pricing of the series. Don't flame or be a jerk. I came here for help. Actually, hour 1. I bought it and went out to the car and plugged it in.

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In the parking lot, worked through programming it to turn on a certain brightness and stuff like that. I tested it 4 times and on time 4, Avalable got "Service Required'. I power cycled it a few more times and it happened 2 out of 15 times.

I went back in and talked to the guy in that section and he told me something like: It happens to those units due to their escory to the environment. Just power-cycling it a time or two clears the error.

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He said it'll happen most when the unit turns on and it is being bombarded with radar als. He said it's like trying to type too much when a computer is still booting up. He said that the unit could get a USB firmware update to fix it.

That is what I originally came here to look for. Is that true?????

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I had the POP thing go off like crazy, disabled that. Laser went off like crazy, disabled that. Now the Service required is starting to happen like 1 in every :eek: turn on operations instead of the old 1 in turn on esckrt. Appreciate the assistance! It is not normal behavior. Resetting or cycling the power can temporarily eliminate the message but the detector is trying to tell you that it is malfunctioning.

Escort available now

Either have it replaced if it is still within the return period from where you purchased it or call our service department to set up a repair. The is in my ature below.

Escort available now

I was ready to send my detector back for the avai,able time, when I bothered to ask the technician if I could reset the warning with out sending it back. The technician told me to So far the reset is working I assure you that the service required message is no scam, it is actually beneficial for the user. The detector most nw failed a self calibration when it issued the error.

It is not detecting properly and is telling you of this. All other detectors will simply not detect properly when they drift out of calibration. What you were told to do was a factory availsble which clears the error, in all likelihood it top escorts union soon reappear.

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