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Henry kaiser’s escort carriers and the battle of leyte gulf

In addition to forcing the enemy from many of his beach entrenchments, it seriously disrupted his entire communication system. General Tomochika stated: " The positions of the 16th Division Artillery Regiment along the first line of defense were subjected to a severe pre-landing naval bombardment which resulted in the destruction of a great of its field pieces.

Regimental radio-telegraphic communications were disrupted by this bombardment, and direct communications with the 35th Army dantee with the 14th Area Army Headquarters in Manila were never re-established. Direct liaison between regiments and smaller units of the division could no longer be beeston escort out effectively.

We had estimated that there was a greater possibility of an enemy landing in the Dulag area since it was at the entrance to Leyte Gulf, instead of at Tacloban which was almost at the upper extreme end of the Gulf.

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The strategy employed by the enemy in landing at our weak spots can be attributed to the splendid intelligence system of the enemy, aided at times by the guerrilla agents who had infiltrated into our lines and had sent out vital information concerning our troop dispositions. These operations were intended to cover four critical areas of probable attack : Sante No.

The suddenness of tne Leyte landings, together with the heavy losses in the battle off Formosa, caused several hurried modifications, although the main theme of the plan remained the same. Simultaneous operations would be undertaken by powerful naval and air forces against the Allied invasion units and landing points while, looking for some fun tonightpuerto rican cover of these movements, intensive attempts would be made to land troop reinforcements in the threatened area.

Sho No. By September it was clear that the striking force Sante following ificant estimate of the possibility of Japanese fleet intervention in the Philippines appears in this report : "The surface danger to the King-Two Amphibious Forces lies in the Santtee Diversion Attack Force, [under Adm. It is a typical Tokyo Express based at Brunei Bayat present out of range of land-based and seaborne air but within striking distance of the landing force area. If the last half of the distance esdort negotiated during darkness its approach can only be detected by a submarine or airborne surface-search radar.

Escort in the santee

Islands along the approach will cause protective shadows on other radars. That force already has received a directive to attack the Invasion Force at night If our bombardment forces retire to seaward at night Surigao Strait becomes an open back door. Shima's Force] escort montreal anal will attempt to create diversions which are calculated to draw off our slow battleships, and our cruisers and destroyers, from screening positions in the vicinity of Surigao Strait.

Conclusions are that szntee enemy night striking force is poised to attack the King-Two expedition through Surigao Eecort, which should be forced and secured, as soon as control of the air has been obtained, at latest A-1 Day, and that surface forces superior to the enemy's Ih Diversion Attack Force should be maintained within intercepting distance of that force regardless of larger enemy fleet movements. That the movement of enemy naval combat and supply units to Coron Bay provided an important clue to Japanese intentions is evident from Admiral Kinkaid's radio message of 23 October : " I view the approach of enemy combatant ships and st louis escort babylon toward Coron Bay as the first phase of the build-up.

Also magnified are express runs toward Leyte. Submarine reports indicate 3 probable battleships approaching from the south in position to arrive Coron Bay tonight, Monday. Another group of 11 enemy ships with many radars showing could reach that Bay at about the same time. There are s of a concentration of a large of enemy aircraft in the Luzon area. It is extremely important that early preparations for these enemy operations be discussed.

Escort in the santee

Comdrs 5 and 13 AF are requested to continue their thorough reconnaissance of Coron Bay and its approaches, cheap escorts bathurst incall to strike day and night if practicable. COM3rdFLT is requested to strike Coron Bay excort the earliest practicable time, and to extend his search as far as it is possible to the west and northwest. The primary objective is enemy combatant ships and aircraft.

It is possible that enemy carriers will protect their surface forces and will strike from west of Palawan. TG It is apparently heading for the Mindanao Sea, presumably ewcort to bring reinforcements to the Leyte area or possibly to make a surface attack through Surigao Strait against the southern flank of our supply line.

It is considered possible that this force may proceed through San Bernardino Strait in an attempt to attack our Leyte position from the north. However, it is considered more probable that the carriers will be deployed in the vicinity of Mindoro, in order that their planes may strike across the Central Philippines, possibly staging through shore bases in the Visayas.

Enemy air reaction since the landing on Leyte has been very weak This lack of activity gives rise to the enemy capability of launching a relatively strong air attack against our naval units, possibly in support of a naval engagement There is no question that the Leyte position is vulnerable to the extent of U. Fleet availability ; it is essential that its presence on continuous in adjacent waters, east of the Philippines, to interpose private escorts cairns between our land operations and possible enemy fleet intervention, which is essentially the primary mission of our Fleet.

The battleships included some veterans of the Pearl Harbor disaster. The more modern battleships were with Admiral Halsey.

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Halsey and J. I could guard San Bernardino with my whole fleet and wait for the Northern Force to strike me. It yielded to the enemy the double initiative of his carriers and his fields on Luzon and would allow him to use them unmolested. The enemy's potential surface and air strength forbade half-measures; if his shore-based planes ed his carrier planes, together they might inflict far more damage on my half-fleets separately than they could inflict on the fleet intact.

I could leave San Bernardino unguarded and strike the Northern Force with my whole fleet. It preserved secort fleet's integrity, it left the initiative with me, and it promised the greatest possibility of surprise. Even if the Central Force meanwhile penetrated San Bernardino and headed for Leyte Gulf, it could hope only san nicolas chesterfield prostitution harry the landing operation It could not consolidate any advantage, because no transports accompanied it and barnstaple escort supply ships.

It could merely hit and run. By 24 October, Admiral Ozawa had lost 66 planes which failed to return from reconnaissance missions and attacks directed against the Third Fleet, leaving him with 42 jn on his carrier decks escorr the time he was sighted by Thee Halsey's scout planes.

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After Admiral Ozawa felt that he was definitely contacted by the U. Butler, Raymond, and S. Suesens, Abercrombie, Leroy Wilson, and W. Bull, R. I, Eversole, and Coolbaugh. General MacArthur's message was in reply to a request from Admiral Halsey regarding santed of Third Fleet units from the covering of the Leyte operations. Admiral Halsey's request read: "My present operations in strategic position to meet threat of enemy fleet forces are somewhat restricted by necessity of covering your transports and other overseas movements; request early advice regarding withdrawal of such units to safe position, farmerville la adult personals will permit me to execute orderly re-arming program for my groups and allow further offensive operations.

Vice Adm. Willis A. Lee was commander of the battleships carrie escort Admiral Halsey. Perhaps the most concise summary of the reasons behind this move is given by Rear Adm. Tomiji Koyanagi, Admiral Kurita's chief of staff. The second reason was that Nishimura's force meant to go into the Bay in the morning and our force was to have entered at to coordinate but the approach of our force was greatly delayed.

After the battle off Samar we finally decided that the cooperation of the two forces would not be effected at all, and if we ever decided to go into the Bay, the interval would be too much. The third reason, we intercepted a telephone message sent by your carrier to get reinforcements. We also intercepted an answer to the telephone call to the effect that ib would be two hours before reinforcements of planes arrived; that is to sangee by the time we entered this Bay.

Escort in the santee

We thought that planes would have come out and that warships would have come out and that the transports would have dispersed enough so that only a part would have been inside; they would escape from the danger zone. Perth independant escorts figured by that time that the transports might have heard of the battle and started already in the morning.

The fourth reason, we intercepted again a telephone message sent by carrier to the planes to the effect that all planes should go to Leyte shore strips; and also we thought reinforcement of the American carriers might come along and so your force would be very big, carriers and land-based planes, and it would not be advisable to go into this danger zone and be a target la habra gfe escort attack by shore and reinforced carrier planes in narrow waters.

The fifth reason, we surmised that your American Task Force might come down from the north; so after we failed to destroy this first American force, we thought that if we came back north now we might encounter another American Task Force, but we were very regretful that we failed to destroy your first American force.

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The sixth reason, if we continued the battle here at Leyte, it would consume more fuel; that was another reason for cruising north instead of staying around. We had no tankers anywhere around. I, pp. The U. Navy at the time. The activation of our dromes is being delayed as a result prescott escort enemy raids.

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Heavy combat air ewcort is required and strikes against enemy airfields needed until enemy air strength is materially reduced. The support of at least 1 and preferably 2 fast carrier groups is required until we have control of the area. Remaining CVE's must refuel on 28 October, and can supply no planes.

Escort in the santee

Army air santse are moving into the fields today, but difficult field conditions make doubtful effective operation. On 26 October Admiral Halsey had reported as follows: "Two carrier groups will furnish support at Leyte on macclesfield seeking men Oct ; after 17 days of fighting our fast carrier force is virtually out of bombs, torpedoes, and provisions and pilots are exhausted ; I am unable to provide any extended direct air support.

When will port saint lucie duo escorts shore-based air take over air defense at the objective? The strategy The forces, according to General Yamashita's plan were still to delay the American units as long mature escort lees summit missouri possible to allow preparations for the meeting and annihilation of the enemy landing on Luzon.

Yorio Ishikawa stated: " Prior to the American landings on Leyte, the Fourteenth Area Army's plan of defense in the Philippines was to conduct a decisive battle on Luzon through the all-out employment of air, sea, and ground forces When the American invasion of Leyte was commenced, the Fourteenth Area Army was ordered to carry out a decisive battle on Leyte in spite of the fact that the Commanding General Yamashita, Chief of the Newburgh ny escort cityxguide Staff Muto, and the majority of the staff members favored a decisive battle on Luzon.

The late General Roxas, first President of the Philippine Republic, helped to establish contacts in Manila in the highest circles. Through these channels important plans and major decisions of the Japanese High Command became known in fragmentary form. Chuji Kaneko, staff officer of the nd Division: "Our naval intelligence had estimated that the channel [between Leyte and Samar] could not be penetrated by boats, except small native boats.

Elements of an American Division, I believe it was the 24th Division, made their way through the straits in small boats and barges from Tacloban and emerged onto Carigara Bay, where they effected landings on Barugo and Carigara. This surprise maneuver caught us off guard and upset the Thirty-fifth Army's plans to recapture Tacloban, since our units invermere escort on Tacloban by way of Carigara had now to contend with these troops that had now established positions to the south of Carigara.

This maneuver of the 1st Cavalry Division also prevented the intended landing of the enemy 68th Brigade on north Leyte for a pincer drive on the X Corps forces. Eighth Army, Staff Study, Leyte. In the words of General Tomochika, " the loss of Carigara was a stunning blow to Japanese defense plans, especially to the 16th Division, whose main force was in the Dagami area, because Carigara was a key center of supply and communication to the entire Leyte Valley. Furthermore Carigara was important as a port for direct supplies by sea from Luzon Staff Study, Leyte.

The general plan for the defense of Leyte was divided into three phases. Phase One: The 16th Division, reinforced, was to hold the line running through Burauen, Dagami, and northward in order to contain the United States forces on the east coast.

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Phase Two: Esocrt the middle of November, the bulk of the incoming reinforcements was to concentrate behind the 16th Division in the sector from Carigara to Jaro. The 1st Division was expected to occupy the area southeast of Carigara and later be ed by the nd Division and the 68th Brigade. The 26th Division was to advance from Ormoc, traverse the mountains and occupy the sector south of the 1st Division below Jaro.

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