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On camera is Dana Hoshide, and in the room we have your wife, Marian, who's watching. I'm the interviewer, Tom Ikeda, and we're in the Densho studio in Shemale escort. And so Bob, I'm just gonna start with, the first question is, can you tell me when and where you were born?

TI: And any ificance to those names in terms of why they named that? TI: Okay. So I'm just gonna start first with your father's family, and so, I think in the pre-interview we talked about actually your grandfather first, so why don't we start with your grandfather on your father's side, and tell me, why don't you tell me his name ketchi,an

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TI: Okay, so George Ohashi. And why don't you tell me where he was from and how he got to Ketchikan? RO: I'm sure he was from Shikoku, and well, he came, he was gonna go to the gold rush supposedly, near the turn of lookign century, but he, I guess the first stop was Ketchikan and I don't know, he just ffly it and he started that restaurant there, first business. TI: So this is like early s, turn of the century.

And so he stopped in Ketchikan, which at that time, I looked at the census data, it behter, it was a town. It was pretty small, more like in the hundreds of people at that point, maybe, maybe over a thousand.

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

TI: Three thousand, okay. And you said he stopped there and started a restaurant, so tell me about the restaurant.

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TI: And did anyone tell you what kind of food and what type of restaurant it was? RO: No. Well, I'm sure they served American food, not, say, Japanese cuisine as such, just standard cuisine. TI: Now, when your grandfather went to Ketchikan, was he, like, one of the first Japanese in Ketchikan? So let's now talk about your father. So your grandfather, George, is in Ketchikan, and tell me about your father. Fpr did he come to the United States?

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

RO: Well, I guess my grandfather must've told him to come over from Japan, so he came, what was it, Marian, about or something like that? TI: Okay, so your father comes, and do you know how old he was at this point? RO: Well, I think he wanted to pick up on the American language and get an education. TI: Okay, good. So he goes to live with his uncle to learn English while your grandfather, his father, is still in Ketchikan.

TI: Now, did your father have any stories or memories about Fife growing up? TI: Okay, so he, after he finishes learning English in Fife for a while, then what does he do next? All Rights Reserved.

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RO: I'm not sure how that actually worked, but he went back to Japan to pick up my mother, and that was about somewhere. TI: And how, do tly know how he met your mother? Like how was that sort of, I guess, arranged in terms of your mother and father? RO: I don't think it was an arranged marriage. See, a lot of that older stuff I'm not really familiar with. TI: That's okay.

I'm just getting some just general background information, so don't worry about not knowing all this. TI: So, but he goes back to Japan, gets married to your mother, llooking then they return to Ketchikan. And what, what does he do in Ketchikan?

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

Does he continue working for your father? TI: And tell me, you said initially your father, your grandfather had a restaurant, but then manaus seeking man was the early days and he changed businesses, so tell me what you know about the different businesses or what he did after the restaurant. RO: Well, like this photograph, that, you know, the storefront looks just like that today.

Grocery store? RO: That was from the old days, that photograph, but the storefront is the same.

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RO: That store, we, the family sold it, but it's being renovated to be a historic site, TI: Oh, cool. So that's so neat that your, your sort of descendants, I mean, generations later, will probably be able to go up to Ketchikan and it'll be up there.

TI: Cherry escorts fairfield when they renovate it, will there be any pictures of when your dad owned it? I mean, when they're historically preserving it, is it about, are they gonna include that history of it being owned by RO: I'm sure they'll have a history, but I'm not that familiar with it.

TI: That's interesting. I'm gonna have to go up there and find out what they're doing. TI: Okay, so we'll talk about Creek Street a little bit later. I want to be sure I get this. So before we go to your childhood and Ketchikan, why don't you tell me, first, what was your father's name? RO: Yes. I was the oldest. Next was Hope, then Neil, then Edward, and Paul. TI: So let's, let's talk now about growing up in Ketchikan, and so you had the store, but now where did you live in Ketchikan?

RO: Upstairs. This building here goes quite a ways back, and there was a big sort of a storage area downstairs.

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It extended way back and upstairs was our living quarters. In fact, I think it was when they were first in Ketchikan, he started to make rooms for renting as, like a hotel.

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

TI: And so describe kind of your living quarters. I mean, what did that look like? RO: Just there were small rooms, with a bed and dresser and See, it was actually one, two, three flights, three stories. The store area is the first floor, then the second area was the kitchen and a few of these extra rooms, and upstairs was three bedrooms and a bathroom. TI: And did you share a bedroom with any of your brothers or anyone else?

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And then, so describe, when you're growing up, kind of a typical day for you in Ketchikan. So you, when you wake up in the morning, kind of, let's just walk through a day just so I get a sense of what you did. RO: Well, I could say that we, we enjoyed playing a lot.

And in those days playing was just clean fun, not like today. But, well, I had a lot of Native American friends, and they all lived in that area which was called Indian Town. TI: And what would be, when you say playing with the Natives, what would be some games or activities you would do?

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

RO: Marbles, swimming, roller skating. We used to roller skate all around. The only place that had concrete was the center of town, this one block, and we went all around, and that's where we used to roller skate, right in the middle of town. TI: Now, describe the skates.

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I mean, what kind of ketcyikan did you have back then? Were they the type, those ones that you would put your shoe and then you would fasten the skate, or where they, do you remember what kind of skates they were?

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

TI: And so what, so going back to your typical day, so you liked to play, but when you woke up in the morning, like what kind of breakfast would you have and what would that be like? RO: Toast, I'm sure. But my aol chat rooms was a good kegchikan, and to this day I can remember so many good dishes that she's cooked.

Fly ketchikan boy looking for better half

And like a lot of Japanese families, New Year's was a special occasion. TI: But day to day, kwtchikan of like your normal kind of menu fare, what would you have for, like one of lookihg favorite dinners growing up? RO: Halibut. I liked halibut a lot. Then she used to always make it with this sort of a tomato sauce. It was really good. Cheap escorts in south east kent then there was this one dish that, it was a killer.

You know, we were not the looming expensive, not expensive, but wealthier families in Ketchikan, but I think we were probably the more ideal family, actually. TI: So let's talk about school. So how close was the school, what was the school's name, like in elementary first, grammar school? What was that? RO: Well, they were, every grade was in the main building called Main School.

It was up on this hill. It was a big structure. And I went there all through high school. TI: And so from, like grammar all the way through high loo,ing, same building?

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