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Ashleigh White's son Noah became seriously ill with neonatal herpes after being infected with HSV-1, the highly contagious "herpes simplex virus" that causes cold sores in adults.

It is sometimes known as the "kiss of death" because of the way it is passed on. HSV-1 in babies is rare and can be prevented, but if kissed by a person who has a cold sore, a young baby can become seriously ill with the virus, as their immune system has not fully developed to fight it off.

Hsv looking for relationship not fb

Noah was just four weeks old when Ashleigh, who's from Barnsley, noticed he was starting to display the symptoms of neonatal herpes. At first the doctors did not diagnose Noah with neonatal herpes, but Ashleigh had lookkng a post on Facebook from someone raising awareness of HSV-1, and persisted in telling the doctors that Noah had the virus. It was around his eye and there were fears of him going blind.

Neonatal herpes is a rare condition, and according to the World Health Organisation, it occurs in an estimated 10 out of everybirths globally, but can lead to lasting neurologic disability or death. The virus is common among no.

It's not infectious unless you've got an outbreak. Parker escort also had advice for parents of newborn babies on how to avoid infection: "In the first month of life, you really do not want to be going gelationship crowded places - you don't want to be handing the baby around because their immune system is less good at fighting off infection. Once he was diagnosed, Noah was sent to Sheffield Children's Hospital and ror given regular antiviral drugs for two weeks.

He was then put on preventative antiviral drugs for another six months. For more information on neonatal herpes, visit the NHS website here.

Hsv looking for relationship not fb

Ashleigh posted Noah's story on Facebook and it was shared more than 10, times. Related Topics.

Hsv looking for relationship not fb

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