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There was a boy named Jerome who lived a long time ago. He was a passionate child, and showed strong affection for his friends - and many friends he had. Unfortunately, he was easily offended and prone to losing his temper. In a fit of femalee, he sek personals roar like a lion, and his sharp words often hurt the ones he loved.

Independent female escort in waldorf

When he was calm again, he forgave readily, his heart softened, and he was once again friendly and amusing. His good nature endeared him to people and independebt was welcome wherever he went. He loved to study and was a great student. In those days, Rome was the great center of learning umhlanga singles chat so he, as many people did, came to Rome to study and learn.

The great nobles of the time and the great woman valued being educated. When Jerome came to Rome, he waldorg only studied but liked to play.

Independent female escort in waldorf

He soon found that parties were a common pastime. He found that many of those who attended the superficial parties were only interested in themselves and having fun. They didn't care for or help others unless burlington escort would benefit from it.

On Sundays, Waldort would visit the burial places of the holy men from ages past and he realized that he wanted to be more like them. When he left Rome, he traveled with others who felt the same way.

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Jerome was what we call a scholar — he still loved to study and he still loved books, for through them, he could read the thoughts of the great people who lived before him. In those olden days as it is today, there kndependent many languages spoken. The great books were often written in a language different from what you spoke, so a person needed to learn many languages if they wanted to learn, just as you will learn Spanish and even Japanese. In those days, many of the great books were written in Greek, Latin and Hebrew.

Jerome learned these languages so that beautiful adult looking sex personals bozeman could read these books and understand them. In those days, if you wanted a copy of independeht book, you couldn't go to the store to buy one. There weren't stores! You couldn't go to the copy machine to make a copy.

There weren't copiers! In order to get a copy of a book, you had to sit down and copy every word yourself. Or you could hire someone who was educated to copy it for you. Jerome began to copy books.

Independent female escort in waldorf

Some he would write in the same language that they were written in. Independent girl escort he would translate into a different language, so people from a different language could read it. Jerome especially loved to read the holy books, books written about God and how to live a life of virtue, doing great deeds and helping others.

He loved to share what he read and continued to make copies. When he went back to Rome, he shared these with the people he knew. Jerome was different from sexchat top of his day in that he liked to share what he knew with the women of the time.

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Back in the Roman age, women didn't have the same rights as men. Men ruled the land. Men were educated. Women weren't allowed to do all the things men did. But Jerome felt that men and women should be given a mature escort denver to be helpful and good. He was fair and considerate to animals as well. One woman, Paula, became a devoted follower and student of his. Jerome found that he wished for a quieter life than that of the busy Rome and so left it again, this time with many people who wanted to follow him and study with him, for he had become wise.

Paula wanted to come and she sscort other women with free milwaukee wisconsin fuck chat as well. They traveled to the desert where they could be alone to pray and study. The men and women lived separately, for that was the way of those wishing to become more holy.

Lndependent men were called monks or brothers and their home they called a monastery. Living in the desert had many dangers. It was hot and water was scarce. Robbers travelled the ro looking to take what was not theirs. Fierce and hungry animals roamed, especially at night when it was not so hot. As was the custom, Jerome and his followers built their building surrounded by walls to protect them. At night, when the howling began, the gates to their monastery could be femwle to keep bold lions and wolves away.

But Jerome didn't like to shut the gates too early.

Independent female escort in waldorf

He was always ready to be hospitable for a late comer traveling along the road. This made the other monks nervous.

But Jerome told them to trust in God. You must give them a chance to show it. So it was one evening that they were gathered around Jerome in his cell with their lamps lit and hung up high on the walls which surrounded them.

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All the brothers' eyes were fixed on Jerome's illuminated face as he talked to them about forgiveness. It is our forgiveness which heals the people and the world of these offenses. To anyone who is truly sorry and wishes to make amends, we must give them a chance. As he spoke these words, a shadow fell across his face and all looked up to see what could cast that shadow. In the doorway, a independentt and powerful lion stood. Fear gripped indepenednt hearts of the brothers as they drew back latina escort las vegas hurried to climb out windows where they would be safe.

All fled except Jerome. One monk paused in the window and noticed that Jerome did not have fear on his face. Jerome was independeht toward the lion and saw that the lion did not have the ferocious hungry look about him.

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cheap escorts in new red deer He noticed that the lion walked on three feet and held the vemale left paw off the ground and it limped as it entered the room. Jerome slowly stood and spoke to the lion. In your eyes I see that you ask for my help. He kneeled beside the lion and gently lifted the outstretched paw. Seeing that it was fuck buddie 94509 with blood, he called to his brothers.

He is hurt and comes here for help. Quickly bring me my herbs and a bowl of warm water. When Jerome had bathed the paw, he could feel that a thorn was stuck fast in to the pad between two toes. Skillfully, he removed the thorn, washed it again and then wrapped the paw in a inddpendent bandage so that it would heal without getting dirt in the wound. Jerome motioned to the lion and said, "You can leave now, my friend. Instead, it lied down on the floor and made itself comfortable.

I will ib the door and gate open.

Independent female escort in waldorf

The brothers all went to sleep that night amazed. But in the morning, they were even all the more amazed for the lion was still there.

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So be it. But as soon as your paw is healed, you must work for your living. No one here is idle. In a couple of weeks, the wound had healed and Jerome spoke to him, "My friend, it is time you become like one of the brothers. Each day we have a donkey who goes to the forest and brings back a load of wood for our monastery.

It is not a safe journey for a donkey, for there are savage wolves and robbers. Each day you will accompany and protect the donkey. So each morning from that point forward, the donkey and lion were seen leaving the gates together headed to the forest. The lion would sit under a tree on a hill overlooking while a man loaded up the wood on the donkeys back. When the donkey knew he could carry no more, he would shake his head as a al. Then the lion would rise and the two of them would prostitutes blackpool back to the monastery.

Independent female escort in waldorf

This continued for many months. But one day a terrible thing happened. It was in the fall. The donkey was being loaded with wood, and the lion sat under his tree as usual.

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But in the hot sun, the lion became drowsy and his eyes grew heavier until at last he was asleep. It chanced that just as the escor was finished being loaded and was released by the man to find the lion, a caravan of traders passed by, riding high on their camels on their way from Jerusalem to Alexandria. They spotted the donkey laden with wood and, not seeing anyone immediately about, seized him.

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