Looking for a fun one nighter



But is a one-night stand a bad idea ultimately?

Looking for a fun one nighter

Well, that all depends on you. Of course, you could give it a try, and then decide, but that might be jumping into some icy waters that might not be all that fun.

So, instead of doing that, read this. For some reason, women raise their standards when it comes to one-night standsat least according to research. That makes for one hell of a mess.

Looking for a fun one nighter

Also, although this isn't the case for all women, a study found that sex can make women fall in love. According to a study out of Durham University in England, while 80 percent of men felt awesome after a one-night standonly 54 percent of women could say the same. If you have it at your place, you need to have the gumption to tell them to leave right afterward.

Looking for a fun one nighter

If you happen to go their place, you need to be able to jump out of bed right afterwards and bolt for the door. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of double standards.

The point of a one-night stand is to relax and have fun. Female sexuality is so complicated!

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