Looking for a women to cuddel with



Tinder, move over.

Users up using their Facebook profile — a la Tinder — look at other users, and try to chat world themselves up with those they like the look of. No, the idea is simply to find someone you want to hug.

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No ulterior motives and no hanky panky, thank you very much. Would you cuddle a stranger from an app?

Looking for a women to cuddel with

I ed the Cuddlr app for this article. I wanted to question my cuddlers on why they had ed up and, just maybe, to get a couple of nice hugs out of looking, too. For a start, I only had around 20 people in my near vicinity to choose from - even though the app claims it has made 32, cuddles possible so far. Perhaps it was just because no one in central London was using the app on a Monday afternoon and it only launched last Thursday.

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I began by requesting cuddles with women. No one responded. Two hours went by and I didn't have a single accepted cuddle request. I northwest il escorts, however, receive one cuddle request from a man - but the app told me I had until 3. Could it be that they only wanted to meet hot guys? And not in the middle of the afternoon?

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I couldn't help but feel that Cuddlr's fluffy, innocent exterior might not reveal the whole story although using the app for hook-ups goes directly against its aim. And my suspicions appeared to be right. Still smarting from my rejection, I went to bed cuddle-less. Only, I was inundated with requests overnight, particularly between the hours of 10pm and 3am.

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All were from men. Instead, he just wants to make sure we get enough basic human contact.

Will there be a big spoon and a little spoon? If so, who will be which? Will you cuddle sitting up, or lying down? How long will the cuddle last? How much talking will there be?

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I love a cuddle as much as the next person. Donna Dawson, a psychologist specialising in behaviour and relationshipsis also sceptical. They seem to think they can hop into bed and hop onto you. In fact, Woemn thinks that instead of an app like Cuddlr, we could benefit from one that reminded men to hug their partners lebanon pa escorts that sounds pretty unnatural and forced to me.

Unless, of course, everyone ditches the hugging and starts using it as Tinder intended. Have you tried Cuddlr?

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Do you hate the idea of it? At least, that's the idea.

Looking for a women to cuddel with

Radhika using the app. Late night cuddling with strange guys? Isn't that just another way of saying 'booty call'? The app's introduction.

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