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He wanted to defend himself, and that's when the tragedy happened," she told French media. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It's a horror". President Hollande said the attackers claimed to be from the self-styled IS before they were killed by police as they came out of the church. Three of the hostages were freed unharmed, but one remains in a critical condition, said French interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet.

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This quiet suburb, a dizcreet miles from the cathedral city of Rouen, is quieter than usual after this morning's horrific events. The heavily armed police have set up a large cordon around the church; a row of white tents - presumably for forensics officers - obscures the view. The nearby supermarket is closed and its car park is being ciscreet by journalists rather than shoppers.

Locals seem shocked, but not in a dramatic way.

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A man told me how he had conducted christenings, marriages and funerals for years alongside Father Hamel. He showed me a set of keys - keys for the church. I just want to go to the church escorts bournemouth guide I can't," he said. A priest from a neighbouring parish, who also knew Fr Hamel, passed through on his way to conduct his own mass. His message tonight will be that this is not an attack on the Catholic Church - it is merely the latest symbol of French life to be targeted.

And the mood of some here was summed up by a woman cycling past the waiting media, who shouted to no-one in particular: "We will not be afraid. Within hours of the attack, the IS-linked Amaq news agency, said "two IS soldiers" had carried out the attack. Few details are yet known about the attackers, but Mohammed Karabila, a local Muslim leader, told the Associated Press that one of them had been "followed by police for at least a year and a half".

That person is believed to be Adel K. According to the report, he then spent nearly a year in prison before being released in March, on condition he wear an electronic tag and move back in with his parents. Residents of St-Etienne-du-Rouvray reacted with shock and sadness to the killing of Fr Hamel, a well known figure in the community. He was very discreet and didn't like to draw attention to looking for fun or to de stress. He was very loved in the community and a kind man.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has expressed his horror at the "barbaric attack" and said: "The whole of France and all Catholics are wounded. We will stand together. In Norway it takes two to three years. Eight kilometres north-east of Oslo in Lillestrom, an impressive white and glass building houses the University College of the Norwegian Correctional Service, where each year, trainees, selected from over 1, applicants, start their studies to become a prison officer.

Hans-Jorgen Brucker walks me around the training prison on campus, which is kitted out with reproduction cells and prison-style furniture. I note a bulging pile of helmets and stab vests in one storage room. Brucker acknowledges that prison officers will undergo security and riot training, but he's fairly dismissive of this part of the course.

He shows me a paper outlining the rigorous selection process, which involves written escort dana fredericton in Norwegian and English about a third of the prison population is non-native, so officers are expected to be fluent in English and physical fitness tests.

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Then they will have a year training in a prison and then they will come back to take their final duscreet. He winces when I ask him if he would employ a prison officer who had trained for only three months.

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Every year his students go to the UK to spend a day observing an English prison and I ask him what his students say about their experience in English high-security jails. He tells me they are always surprised by the noise, the crowding and the relatively small of staff. The only loud noise at Halden that I encounter comes from the TV in the drug addiction unit's sitting room, where a rather spaced-out looking inmate is watching a cops and robbers show.

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At one point my guide, prison officer Linn Andreassen, disappears briefly to check something with a colleague and Adult fetish chat rooms am left alone with the inmate. He grins at me, points to the gun-wielding policemen on screen and makes a joke in Norwegian before wandering off to his cell. When I ask the prison governor, Are Hoidal, about the level of violence in Halden prison, he looks genuinely surprised.

I tell him that in England and Wales, assaults on staff have almost tripled in five years and that hsad were 10, assaults on videocam chat inwith of those classed as serious. In the gardens at Halden, year-old trainee looing Jon Fredrik Andorsen is taking a break from his duties with his experienced colleague, Linn.

At Halden there are inmates including hhead who are in a half-way house on the other side of the wall and employees, of whom are prison officers. The rest work as workshop tutors, teachers and admin staff. Jon Fredrik, who used to work as a car salesman, admits he would never have considered ing the prison service if he hadn't felt his safety was guaranteed.

So far, he says, he has never felt threatened at Halden - he has confidence in his training and in the wisdom of the more experienced officers. Norwegian prison officers do not even carry pepper sprays. Linn interjects: "You can't help others if you don't have good conditions yourself. You need to have a clear head at all times in this job. To focus.

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If you're going around scared you can't help anyone. She tells me how shocked she was, when visiting a prison in the UK, that prison officers told her it was dangerous to stand in certain places around the building as the inmates might throw things down on her. She screws up her face. The UK locks up a lot more people than here in Norway, no? Scotland, England and Wales have the highest imprisonment rates in Western Europe. Scotland beckenham escorts up people perof the population and England and Wales almost people, compared to Norway's The smaller prison population means that at Halden prison, for instance, each officer can be given three individual prisoners for whom he or she will act as a point of contact.

Discreeet contact officer helps fill out applications, addresses complaints and makes sure that inmates get their quota of phone calls home. Kim, who is serving 17 years for murder, raises his eyebrows rather sarcastically when I mention this system. Morjing a double-edged sword.

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Some guards are OK but…" He trails off, still looking at Hoidal who is grinning good-naturedly back at him. As Hoidal and I walk back together towards his office, past some colourful abstract paintings, he reminds me that the practice of dynamic security at Halden is not always popular with prisoners because the officers' omnipresence makes dealing bajagay chat difficult.

There certainly is drug dealing at Halden, he admits, but these are not drugs like heroin and spice that have been haed into the prison from outside, they tend to be medications - opiates and painkillers - that inmates have been prescribed by ddiscreet doctors. Hoidal is extremely enthusiastic mornint the prison's new projects. A choir has just started up - inmates already have their own on-site recording studio, the aptly named Criminal Records - and he's hoping for a Christmas concert to coincide with the release of the inmates' new cookery book.

But underneath his indefatigable positivity there is mkrning nagging worry; profits from oil production in the North Sea are dwindling and the government has warned that swingeing cuts - including to prison budgets - are on their way.

Looking for discreet morning head

It's not good. It's not good at all.

Looking for discreet morning head

In Unit C, a cell door has swung open and I can see a red rose in a glass on the window sill. The former occupant has just been transferred to another lower-security prison but, perhaps needing to impart the wisdom he has learnt during his time at Halden, morninv has stuck a hastily scrawled message on the magnetic whiteboard for the new inmate who will take his place.

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Free from yourself, my friend. For many people, receiving a jail sentence would be the worst thing that ever happened to them. But when you've been experiencing domestic abuse - as most female prisoners have - you may see things slightly differently. Hoidal laughs at my nonplussed face.

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