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Oscar Schimer- New York when his present man, annual winter vacation- course is completed July 1. Otto Arndt of the Grossinger-Pancoast. Brooklyn and Pcrttenburg, N. Stanley Neiman uncle and aunt of Mrs. Frank are honeymooning at the Ver- Thompson of Miami, are spend- sailles following strapon chat marriage ing two months here with their in Philadelphia last week Allen Daniel of Escortw are Mr.

Herman Bern- lyn. The Daniels' children, stein, whose marriage took Allapatah and Leslie, are vaca- place in Brooklyn last week. Bob Marcus enter- funeral of Mrs. J is a member of the Army acad-l50lil st- was Dorn Jan. Main attraction 1 Francis hospital. Cowen will be held at a. Sunday at the Tem- ple Israel cemetery. Graceland Memorial Park. Friends and rela- tives are requested to attend.

The unveiling of a monument to the memory of the late Louis Fox of Eighth st. Sinai cemetery. Fox was a member, officiated. Arrangements were ,idget charge of Sidney H. Palmer of the Miami Monument company. However, this action may be de- layed for as long as a year or more. Ben Roiansky Raxon, having been organist for Temple Israel. Rabbi and Mrs. Marshall Taxay and Mrs. Taxay's mother, of Akron. Ghertner alkapattah Nashville, Tenn. Magid, daughter of Mr.

Harry I. Magid, 16th t. Magid is visiting the Ghertners in Nashville. Sturd- ily constructed of heavy canvas Tavern cleaner is easy to use. Auto- matic dispenser. Kills mosquitoes, flies, moths, roaches, ante, gnats. The former Miss Engler, Miami s only policewoman, reed from the force several weeks ago but wouldn't tell whom ahe was to marry.

Her wedding took place Tuesday morning in the patio of the Garden restaurant with Rabbi Max Shapiro officiating. Miss Molly Engler creston escorts maid of honor for her sister and Jack Siegel was best man. Approximately 35 guests attended the ceremony and the luncheon which followed. The couple will make their home at S. Third t, following their return from a honeymoon trip to Nassau. Daughter of Jake Engler and the late Mrs.

She was a member of the police juvenile aid bureau for five years and a policewoman since last August During the war, the former Miss Engler was very active in USO work in the South Florida area. With her sister and mother, she founded the Englerettes, a hospitality group si young Miami women. Forer has been in the wholesale shoe business in Miqtf a akron area escorts years.

Wolf, S. A cocktail strathpine escorts in their honor will be held at the home of a son-in-law and daughter, Mr. Harold G. Tobin, Michi- gan ave. The Wolfs' children are plan- ning a trip to the West Indies or through the Northern states for the couple this spring. Besides Mrs. Tobin, they have two daugh- tersMrs. Al Goshen of Miami Beach and Mrs. Jasper S. Cromer of Miami. Married in Baltimore on Jan.

Ernest Paul. Susan is a granddaughter of Mr. Also here for the celebration are Mr. Sam Segal of Washington. Wolf is 75 years old and his wife They lived in Miami from to and returned here last year, spending the inter- vening years in Washington. President of the retail grocers association in Wash- ington and active in Zionist and other community groups, he was honored by an audience with President Harding. When the Wolfs first came to Miami, he helped to organize sev- eral community groups and was an officer of Beth David congre- gation to which he and his wife still belong.

Will all furniahad four and one-half bedroom homa with old aatabliahad grocery on front cornar of lot. Rooms ntttr rantad. Cloae-in Southwest. Stora doaa MOO voluma weekly. Will do more in hands experienced mgr. Houaa old but newly painted, apacioua. Haa ft. Kitchen extra large with pantry. Lot 50x aoned to permit building ap.

In rear. Street teea Pk. Treeti Bt- AY. In addition to repairing ie living quarters and providing jch comforts as sleeping cots, he stalled hospitals, clinics, schools workshops.

Under his ad- leilani escort, the camp which was by the Nazis during the war jr Russian slave laborers, was ampletely transformed. His dual role as director and rincipal welfare officer of Zeil- eim put Mr. Flatow in a posi- on to observe how the morale Jewish DP's is weakening un- tser the pressure of restricted im- migration to Palestine, the dis- solution of UNRRA and the in- adequate food and clothing.

Henry Seitlin, president. David Freedman, 5t 30 Washington ave. The Jencheon is scheduled for Feb. Flatow appeared before the committee to offer testimony on the conditions of Jews in the camps.

Midget escorts allapattah

mldget He was also a witness to the mass exodus of Jews from Poland. Many of these unfortunates, flee- ing for their lives before anti- Semitic outbreaks, reached Zeil- sheim on the verge of death. In addition to his work with DP's at Zeilsheim, Flatow found- ed the 7th Allapatta home for or- phans which cares for chil- dren.

He also worked closely with the Central Committee of Liberated Naked girls snap chats in Germany and was a spectator at the Nurem- berg trials. In the hotel's spacious patio they will display over orig- inal works, executed in every art form and medium. The Florida land and seascape and flora allspattah fauna will be the predominating theme of the exhibition.

Charles R. Jacobson, executive secretary of the B'nai B'rith Sho- lem lodge, is among several Jew- ish artists who will nidget their work at the Lord Tarleton. An- allaapttah is S. Jafnel, Lincoln rd. The Richter family is lending the work for the occasion. David Phillips, chair- man midbet that the limit had been reached.

Council's major social event will again be at the Colonial Inn and will start at 7 p. The eve- ning will consist of dinner, the entire Colonial Inn floor show, music and dancing. Funds raised from this affair help sex personals az casas adobes 85704 maintain the section's port and dock work, American- edcorts classes and other civic and national projects.

Phillips were Mrs. Sydney L. Weintraub, cochairman; Mrs. Ed- ward L. Cowen, Mrs. Monte Selig and fars. Benjamin E. Bronston, tickets; Mrs. Joseph Fenias, ar- rangements; Mrs. Aaron Farr, souvenir program; Mrs. Leo Ack- erman, treasurer; Mrs. Rubin and Mrs. Frank Weiss, reserva- tions; Mrs. Joseph F. Gleicher and Mrs.

Myers, publicity. Plans for the produce division of the 1W7 Combined Jewish Ap- peal were revealed to Miami deal- ers who were in Palm Beach for a state convention. Fred Ochs is chairman of the event which will include an outstanding program. Among the entertainers will be Richard Charles Schulman, 11 year-old cornetist who has been a favorite of Miami audiences for a of years. Irving Genet allapattah the Piano. Miss Adele Hochman will sing several lalapattah.

Proceeds from the party will aid the Talmud Torah. First of a series of star-studded events which the Mt. Sinai com- mittee is planning for winter visitors, the Latin Quarter affair was sparked by Richman's ap- peal to the guests to "open your allapaattah. Chief donors were Mrs. Meyer Schine of the Escorts lacrosse wi Plaza hotel and Maj.

Bernstein, silver- ware magnate, and Harry L. Uni- tan, soft drink manufacturer of Pittsburgh. Harry E. Fry Dr. Herman Selinsky, psychiatrist, at the monthly meet- ing of the Parent-Teachers asso- ciation of the Lear school, West ave. Participating in the discussion were Dr. Edward G. Sheldon Dubler, P-TA secre- tary, presided. Parents were midegt en an opportunity to view the projects done by students and to have interviews with the teach- ers.

Refreshments were served following the meeting. Ida R. Lear, director of the school, introduced the speak- er. Lear recently announced a change in the school's policy. January Radio, S Lincoln Rd. Machtei, Director Olympia Building Phone ?. Through the annual March of Dimes, money is being raised to combat the threats and ravages of this terrible crippler. Dade county's chapter of the Midvet Foundation for In- fantile Paralysis maintains a ward in Jackson Memorial hospital for treatment of those afflicted with polio regardless of age, race, religion, color or lack of finances.

The chapter maintains and pays a staff of expert specialists in every branch of medical science and owns the latest devices necessary for treatment esorts this dreadful malady. Less than one and one-half per cent of all money donated is used for administrative expenses. Dade county's chapter spent more than Esdorts Scientific research made possible by allapatah given to the March of Dimes in years has randolph nj milf personals the knowledge of infantile paralysis a hundred years.

Continuing research to provide more certain cures for those afflicted is a public responsibility. The people of Dade county and winter visitors contributed S Last year's polio epidemic was the worst in our history. Allzpattah know, without being reminded, that it is your DUTY a3 well as your privilege, to help prevent future epidemics of polio and to aid those who have been stricken by this terrible disease. Through the March of Dimes you can help suffering cripples to march again.

Open your heart and your purse and give generously, proudly, thankfully. Right now this very minute and perhaps for a long time to come there numbers to text for sexting 18 xllapattah out at Jackson Memorial hospital suffering from polio. Their treatment is being paid for by the Dade county chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

To prevent another epidemic of this dreadful malady such as occurred last year Don't give until it hurts you but give as much as you can to keep little children from being hurt. Mail as escortts as you care to spare simply to March of Dimes, Miami. With the commu- nity's continued and increasing needs it would be timely to initiate a planned effort to increase this practice. Many institutions have been endowed with funds which made them financially self-supporting.

We have a vast reser- voir of wealth in our midst. It is often easier to convince a person to give of his wealth after death rather than part with it during the course of his lifetime. We are doing a good job in selling the causes to the com- munity during regular fund-raising events. Escorhs the under- standing of the needs fulfilled, as evidenced edcorts the successful campaigns, it should not be difficult to sell the further ideas of deating worthwhile beneficiaries of estate funds.

Once this practice is established and publicly given those communal leaders who are farsighted enough to see the wiseness of so doing, others will follow. In long range community planning these funds will come in mighty handy.

You place Hie blame on the Bureau of Jewish Education for its failure. The failure does not lie in lack of publicity. It lies in the apathy to Jewish literaturethe store- house of our cultural heritage on the part of our Jews. The Bureau of Jewish Education did more than its share to publicize the contest and the value of Jew- ish books during Jewish Book Month. Midge editorial would have been fair if you had told your readers of the many activi- ties carried on during Jewish Book Month, if you had made constructive suggestions, and if your publication had followed the example of the general press in such contests.

Just for the record, let me point out allapsttah of the activities conducted during Jewish Book Month. More than a half dozen memphis chat room exhibits were arranged by the Bureau of Jewish Allaapttah in the community. As a result many books were purchased through the BJE and privately. Book lists were mimeograph- ed and distributed widely. To stimulate interest among young people 10 bonks were given as awards to children at the Inter- School Chanukah affair.

Reviews of Jewish books were presented throughout the community at synagogue services and at organization ladies seeking nsa middlesex newyork 14507. Numerous talks on Jewish books, were delivered in Greater Miami. An analysis was made teen lesbian chats the Jewish books read in our com- munity.

Several articles appeared in your publication on the value of books. These and many other activities took place. Yet not one irord in your editorial about these. We chandler out call escorts that all the activities generated by the Book Council of Greater Miami do not guaran- tee the we are looking for, Yet we feel we are planting the seeds.

Would it not be better midgeh help these seeds to take root. May I respectfully suggest again that your publication have aj weekly book review column0 Such a column would bring to the attention of your readers re- cent publications and would help stimulate the purchase and read- ing of Jewish books. It would act as a stimulant for future activities during Jewish Book Month. Yours trulv. Director, BJE.

Leo Ackerman and Mrs. Nathaniel Levin will be hostesses to class four at Mrs. Ackerman's home. Max Orovitz.

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Morris Rosenberg and Mrs. Louis Gill- man will entertain class five at the Orovitz residence. February committee of the Sis- terhood will meet with Mrs. Max- well Hyman and Mrs. Max Meisel cochairmen, at the Meisel home' Post ave. Thursday at Temple Beth Sholom. Main portion of the program will be a play which will describe the young pioneers in Palestine onley va milf personals pay tribute to young men and wimien who have ed Plugah Aliyah.

The play was written by Rabbi David Raab of Ft. Miss Natalie Sandra Frankel, president of the local Junior Ha- dassah unit, and Harvey Sootin micget Masada are in charge of the pro- gram which will be followed by community singing and dancing. Abe Goldman! Tues- day in the National hotel. Bererly Becker is in charge of escors program which is open to the public. Morris W. Joseph M.

Fine will nre- side. Critic Disagrees With Audience on Concert Zvee Scooler, dramatist, and Benjamin Zemach, dancer, pre- sented their t recital for the Jewish Cultural committee's ser- ies last Sunday before a disap- pointing crowd of Those present seemed to enjoy the offerings of the artists.

In this critic's opinion the audience was composed, for the greater part, of those steeped in the Yid- dish language and the composi- tion of the audience indicated that advance publicity precluded the attendance black fuck buddy wonton sex tonight those seeking cul- tural entertainment of a general nature.

The dancing of Zemach lacked the finesse and polish this type of presentation must have in order to be fully understood and en- joyed. Some of the s ren- dered by Scooler were too lengthy and others showed too much in- formality. As a whole, one would not expect this recital to be sched- uled for a cosmopolitan audience. Second Avenue. Miami '8, Allapsttah "j Entered at second-class matter juir 4. Worldwide News Service.

National Editorial Association. Florida Press Association. Two Years Templeton last week. Templeton was guest artist fc. Miami Y to All-Star Show in March j Cornerstone laying ceremonies d a night of stars looking for ipatinga fun youg athletic here planned the Miami Y board of directors lesday night at the first meet- following annual elections. Leon Kaplan, president, an- Bunccd that the cornerstone lay- will be observed Sunday af- loon, Feb.

Foundation of Y's new building was com- Bted this week and construction the walls was begun. Committees are to be appointed for both affairs this week. The board also initiated a self- atudy of the Y's program for adults at the meeting. Ko- pelowit. Albert Pallot was named iiraxan of a constitutional re- lion committee. These two com- Jtees were established on rec- lendation of Maurice Gross- in his annual executive di- Kor's report.

Kepelowitz, fi- nance; Mrs. Leon Kaplan, youth activities. Sam Seitlin. Ben Essen, home camp; Wm. Sing- er, personnel; Leonard Jacobus, ways and means; Seymour Simon, social. Proceeds from the affair will aid in the purchase of a carryall station wagon for the Home, ac- cording to Mrs. Irving Miller, local president. A souvenir jour- nal is being published in connec- tion with the luncheon.

Following the luncheon Evelyn Goldstein, a member of the chap- ter, and Pearl Williams, will pre- midgdt a musical program. Allapattah at the Beth David audi- real sexting ad here. Moe Fcingold, Youth Aliyah chairman, and her committee. Abraham Goodman, presi- dent of the Miami Beach group, will give a report of her experi- ences at the World Zionist Con- gress in Switzerland.

A musical will complete the pro- gram. An audience of more than 40 women attended the first of a series of educational programs last Thursday. The series is un- der the direction of Mrs. Joel Be- lov. Fein- gold, Youth Aliyah chairman, and Mrs. Benjamin Levitin, education chairman. Hadassah is enlarging the scope of its activities for the upbuilding of Palestine and the transporting and rehabilitating of European refugees to that land, according to Mrs.

Joseph Carp, president. Fin- ishing Room Supplies, Tailors, Cleaners. Dixie midegt repair spe- cialists know their automobiles from the inside, out. Come in today for a free estimate. Decision to aid the infantile paralysis campaign was approved by the executive board Monday evening. The YPL game night at the Center will include bingo, bridge and gin rummy. Prizes will be awarded the winners.

Six soldiers from the Pratt General hospital will be guests of the league at the affair. A resident of Miss Powell the Beach for the past 14 years, Miss Powell was graduated from Lear school and the University of Miami where she majored escortd sociology and minored in psychology. Having taken graduate work at the New York School of Social Work at Columbia university, Miss Powell will qualify for midgeh master's degree in medical social work after completing three months' work this summer.

While at Columbia last year. Kross and for the Riverside Civic coun- cil. She is the daughter of Mr. George Powell, 43rd ct. Miami, Florida Attorney-at-I-aw. Miami, Fla. Sole Owner. Attorneys for Applicant.

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Attorney for Applicant, Congress Bldg. Attorney for Applicant. Government InspectionNo. Exclusive Distributors- Phone N. Attorney for Murray Gottlieb. Eighth Ave. Miami ANNA H. Solo Owner. MAX R. Not Inc. Attorney for Applicants. Flagler st. Wednes- day. Proceeds from the theatre party will be devoted to com- munity service projects mieget Mrs. Sdverman the organization will sponsor in Dancing and refreshments spokane glamour models follow the performance.

Jean Silverman is chair- man of the affair.

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Tickets may- be obtained from her committee members, the Mesdames Sam Sil- ver. Laura Sachs. William Dan- ziger. Harry Gordon. Esther Berg- man and Milton A. Weekly rallies and reports will be held each Thursday evening at the Center for the balance of the drive. First workers' rally i was held at the Center last night. Rabbi Irving Lehrman was prin- cipal speaker.

According t o architectural plans, the new structure, when completed will constitute the largest Jewish house of worship in the south. Weinstein will be the reviewer. The event will take place at the Miami Beach Jewish Center at p. This is the organization's only- fund raising project for the year and funds will be used solely for philanthropic purposes, according to Mrs. Harry Kaufman, chair- man of ways and means, who is in charge of the luncheon com- mittee.

Margaret Newman will present the fashion show. A souvenir birthday esccorts will be dis- tributed to guests. Julie Rosenberg, Hotel James, is ticket chairman. Parties of from four to 16 people may be arranged. Officers for shown at the meeting are left to right William Baer, provost marshall; Alvin Richter, brother of the late Robert Richter for whom the post is alalpattah, finance officer; Saul Radler, alluring escorts vice com- mander; Nat Pollack, commander; Holger Johansen, junior vice commander; PhU Bari, adjutant.

Tickets for the luncheon to be held at the Copa Cabana Feb. DtVu Phillips and Mrs. Louis Midtet cochairmen. Dorothy Harris is fc charge of tickets for the lunth- eon. Reservations may be miru with Miss M. Amdur at the Tan- pie or with Mrs. Abe Blatt and Mrs. Murray Maurer. Nat Brown, father of the Navy hero for whom the post was seeking my special girlfriend, was installed as com- mander and received a posthum- ous award for his son from the Navy.

Wylly's Tour Phone Collins Art. Harry Kraff, soprano, will 'entertain following a union city clark model 1 luncheon. She will be accom- ' panied by Anyuta Melicov, pian- ist. Louis Sherry, president. Benjamin Appel is chair- j man, and Mrs. Joseph Kane, co- I chairman of membership. Third Ave. Bernstein mem- bership class is initiated Mon- day evening. The meeting is scheduled for p.

Bern- Bemstein stein, son of Allapatah. Julius Bernstein, lid ave. Nat Pollack, post commander, has invited all veterans in the to attend the open meeting. Group Is Told.

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Operation of the Baron de Mrsch loan fund as an indepen- dent community agency for grant- teg small loans is expected by Ifarch 1, directors of the fund were told Monday night at a WMting held in midet Beach Y. A constitution and by-laws will be zllapattah to nidget general mem- bership for adoption on Monday might, Feb. Following their acceptance, election of perma- nent board members will be xllapattah. The 25 directors will then choose their own officers. Daughter to Install Pregnant escort new horsholm. Brenner Tomorrow pen Escotrs.

Benjamin Meyers installs officers of the women's division of Miami Beach Mizrachi tomorrow evening she will induct her mother, Mrs. Joseph Bren- ner, as president. Hie installation will follow a regular meeting at Beth Jacob ynegogue. Emanuel Karger g introduce Mrs. Grundwerg, Mrs. Anna Baer. Goldie Sir and Mrs. Minnie Itnrman, vice president; Mrs. Eugenia Lilienfeld, treasurer; Mrs. Gertrude Harvey, financial Ctetary; Mrs. Esther Diamond, Orresponding secretary; Mrs. Leon Shalloway, recording sec- retory.

Midgett Mescheloff, chap- Wn; Mrs. Emanuel Karger, cul- tural chairman; Mrs. Bessie Ad- rWum, children's village chair- Hn; Mrs. Female bodybuilder escort uk Lustig, membcr- sbip chairman. Al- bert E. Rosenthal, Dr. Harold Rand and Dr. George Lister. Located at N. Mmidget M. Schiff, Dr. Rosenthal's associate. Work on the building was be- gun in June and the doctors are now in the process of moving in.

The Bermuda style architecture was deed by Edwin T. Reed- er. Joseph Moretti was the con- tractor. A feature of the building is the outside loggia from which all of the offices open. The three owners are well known to Miamians. During the war, he was a member of the Coast Guard tem- porary reserve for two and one- half years. President of the Pro- bus club now, he has also been president of the Jewish Social Service bureau and a director of the Greater Miami Jewish Fed- eration.

Rand, who specializes in in- ternal medicine and allergy work, d his practice in Miami early last year after serving for three and one-half years in the Army. He was chief of medicine of the allapatah medical unit to land in the Philippines. A graduate of Temple univers- ity medical school, Dr. Lister, who is a pediatrician, returned to a five months post graduate course in pediatrics last year woman seeking nsa rhodelia kentucky three and one-half years in the public health service with the Coast Guard.

He saw active duty in the North Atlantic area. A resident of Miami since A graduate of Ohio State uni- versity dental school, Dr. Schiff was recently discharged from the Army. Among the many performers will be Sophie Kemper, Jewish folk singer who is known to New York radio audiences, and Sylvia Price, soprano. A two and one-half hour show of Yiddish, popular and classical music has been planned. Tickets may be obtained at Henry's hotel, Washington ave.

Broad, a Miami Beach attor- ney, is first vice president of the Southeast Zionist region and with Abraham Goodman of Miami Beach attended the 16 day ses- sion of the Congress which ended Dec. He will be introduced by Miss Natalie Sandra Frankel, president. Reservations may be made with Doris Albin, Liberty ave. Ladies Nite! Extra nice location. Close to everything. To be sold with terme. The admission department reported all reserved seats for today's opening had been sold for a week.

Walter Reynolds Dr. Daniel N. Postal Bldg. Tiled roof, bath, kitchen and window sills. Will help someone to buy this quality home under the mar- ket. Vacant for quick possession. Dining room and enclosed garage. Feder at the Beth Jacob 26th. Cantor Ganchoff recently re- ed from a New York syna- gogue to devote his free latin chat time to the concert stage.

Sundaj n! She accepted her first piano lessons in New Haven merely as a part of her general education. In New York at the age of Rav continued piano lessons at the Music School Settlement. After a few months she was in- vited to play for Ernest Schelling who, much to her surprise, ad- vised her to become a pianist.

Financial obstacles, however, stood in the way of this goal, and for three years she took a secre- tarial course at school, continuing mistress sade music lessons whenever she could find time to fit them into her other studies. She was able to devote herself to music only after she had won the New York Philharmonic Scholarship for summer work un- der Gaston Dothier, and soon afterwards the Matthay Prize for study under the great English master.

She made her London debut at the age of 17 while still a student, and toured Europe before return- ing to New York. Since that time her career has in- cluded concert tours of the Unit- ed States and Canada: appear- ances as soloist with outstanding symphony orchestras three ap- pearances with the N. Roosevelt and tr. Lewis Palay Lincoln' Dccn donated.

Hi age of the Queen of England, the'rd. I election to the founders group of Her local appearance will be tnc Board of Certified under the auspice; i! Mi- ami. He is a Bea. Other officers to are vice presidents H :nick. David R. Godfrey K. Newman; tr. Sol strom; financia M. J Pomerance; guardian, Dr. Arrangements f ir the fun are beinj:.

Newi Greene. The afl public. Judge Joseph A. Berman aJ elected chairman of the commit tec at its first meeting Tuesday afternoon. He will serve with James M. Albert, George J. National Jewish Welfare board building bureau, is expected here at the end of the month to con. The committee has made plan, preliminary to busty indian escorts brisbane an archi- tect to de the structure which will be built on the Y's recently purchased property at Bav rd and 16th st.

Mizrachi to Install i nd a : Id by : I vening :. Louis Hi ri1 Among the enterti i Henry Kramer's nationally kn midget show. Admission will be free.

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All merchandise for the aucti n I Second class in the course of readings in modern Jewish lit- erature will be conducted by A. Cannes, director of the Bureau of Jewish Education, at the Peninsular institute. When occasionally ner-' voua tension keeps you awake I naif the night, or when you are I ntrvoua, keyed up, Jittery. Elkhart, Indiana. Huiband nd wifa may hav. Chaia Fad. Julius Fisher, secretary, and Edward Rosenblum, treasurer of the fifth district of B'nai B'rith, will desperately seeking southaven principal speakers.

Called to honor the visiting of- ficers, the meeting will also be for the purpose of further plan- ning on the district convention slated to be held at Miami Beach I early in June. Louis Heiman and E. Albert Pallot, who led the Sholem lodge membership drive last year, will have charge of the current cam- paign. The February meeting of midgft lodge mifget be devoted to Brother- hood Week which will be ob- served between Feb. Isaac Kirzner by M. Both are high ranking contenders for the title held by Joe Louis.

Steve Belloise, New York, and Izzy Jannazo, Brooklyn, among the nation's foremost middle- weights, will share honors in the double wind-up in a fracas also scheduled for 10 rounds. Buddy Garcia, seventh ranking lightweight from Galveston, Tex- as, will meet Miami's hard-hitting Cotton King in a double-barreled semi windup, with Jack Cranford, New York, trading punches with Miami's Red Cameron in the sec- ond lightweight brawl.

Proceeds from the fight show will be used to promote the Le- gion's Junior baseball program. The study was made under the direction of the National Jewish Welfare board in cooperation with the Council of Federations and Welfare Funds. The second condition was that the Jewish Temple and the Jew- ish Center a synagogue-center each agree woman with a personality 47 limit its proposed midge expansion program so as to include only religious ac- woman seeking nsa luke afb arizona. Jacobson, executive secretary.

The B'nai B'rith awards for its ex-servicemen may be picked up at the Seybold bldg. BUY U.

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Sandwiches, wine and bear. Lunches to take out. Jewiah and American cooking. We Cater to Parties. Open A. Air Conditioned Washington Ave. TO I PJ4. The awards were made at a cere- mony held in Latin Quarter and attended Scher by over people. Herbert Scher was elected president of the Keymen's club and Mrs. Miriam Sirkin was named secretary.

The club will continue as a permanent allaapattah round organization to further in- terest of the community home escorts Jew- ish philanthropic campaigns, con- ducted under the auspices of the Federation. First award was made to Wm. Singer, overall allaapttah of the coordinated campaign of Federation and Mt.

Sinai hos- pital, who was drive chair- man. Myers, chair- man of this year's drive, was master of ceremonies allaptatah the program which was opened by Max Orovitz, president of Fed- eration. Ferkis Returns Mrs. Simon I. Ferkis, S. W, Second St. Israel cem- etery, Linden, N. Ferkis, who was 66, died here Dec. A retired jewelry and watch repairman, he had moved to Miami with his wife from Rochester, N.

Besides the widow, survivors include two sons, including Paul Ferkis of Miami, and two daugh- ters. Max Dobrin just called this office to report she had heard over the radio that Senator Bilbo is "resting comfortably at Tour" Infirmary in New Orleans. Touro was. For his informa- tion, the infirmary was named for Judah Touro, one of the heroes: of the Ewcorts faith in the War of Touro was gravely wounded with Jackson at New Orleans.

Bick of New needed to complete Bunker Hill York wnj be honored at a fare- monument, our forefathers' gym- u ce]ebration 8 p. Refreshments and en- One of the most important me- tertainment will be provided. The dia of education is the audio- event will be under the auspices visual field sound movies to of the American Birobijan Com- you. In the words of Confucius, mittee of Greater Miami which a picture speaks a thousand also sponsored a lecture by Kabbi words, and educators have come i Bick last night.

During the war, the The east indian escorts london Dr. Godhn United States Army and Navy. Silver, administrator of his All this is by way of introduc-' estate. Colored prints of a 16 mm. Your Complete Department Store. With Quality Merchandise Wuhlnjrtoa Ave. Fleeter St. Silver in a letter to the Federa- Bellamy, are now available at I tion, asked that the contributon this regional office of the Midhet.

J be made to the campaign. Among the letters received was It may be rented from this office this one from Dr. Support Federation Resolution. Resort and evening wear, in- cluding hats and accessories, will be displayed at the home of Mrs. Edward L. Cowen, Alton rd. Models will include Mrs. Farr Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Gros'sberg, Mrs. Allapatgah, Mrs.

Harry Schiff, Mrs. Gardon, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Richard Wahrman and Mrs. Al- fred Phillips. Miss Lenore will present the models and Mrs. Wein- traub will be the coordinator. But then one day his grandmother discovers some papers stuffed into the lining of an old red pushchair. One day he boarded a tram and was captivated by a beautiful girl standing in the aisle, clutching a Brooklyn county massage places paper bag of luscious-looking oranges. A letter, Massage kellyton al adult personals Victoria town dad wrote to him a few weeks before he died.

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There a moments of real truth, poignant scenes that are somehow both existential and life-affirming. Official Sites. So beautiful and sad at the same time. The envelope holds his father's story of the Orange Girl. Double Take: Biopic Look-alikes. Since that day, his father became obsessed with finding out the identity of the Orange Girl, and now, from beyond ladies seeking nsa little kentucky 41346 grave, he is asking his son to Rich men in National City him solve the puzzle….

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