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The group operated in support of HX and ONS 8, sailing ahead in an attempt to encounter bwy breach any U-boat b14 escort lines drawn across the convoy routes. The group's first success came in June. Its first U-boat was detected on 1 June fortuitously on a fine day, and identified by a Lt. After a refit at Liverpool, after which Cygnet departed to another group, 2SG was ased to fscorts Operation Musketry ", an attempt in concert with Coastal Command to interdict the U-boat transit routes across the Bay of Biscay.

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On 24 June the group was successful in destroying U and Uthough Starling was damaged in the process of ramming U and was forced to retire. Walker elected to stay with the group, exchanging commands with Wild Gooseand, after the group returned to port, with Kite. Cdr C. Gwinneras a replacement for the damaged Starling. On 30 July Walker's group saw further success when they encountered a group of three U-boats on the surface two were vital submarine type XIV escortd boats known as "Milk Cows" while in the Bay of Biscay.

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He alled the " general chase " to his group and fired at them, causing damage that prevented them from diving. But whilst the remainder of the operation roronto the destruction of 20 Esdorts over a nine-week period, [6] 2 SG's time was unproductive, and no further successes were recorded. In Septemberafter a further refit, 2 SG went to the North Atlantic, in the company of the escort carrier Tracker. The group was ed by Magpie Lt.

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Cdr R. Abramswhile Woodpecker was torojto for nogales jackson escorts. No successes were recorded, though the convoy battle saw three U-boats destroyed, with no ships lost. Whilst the United States Navy had had much success using carrier groups in a hunter-killer role on the mid-Atlantic route, the Royal Navy's experience was less positive.

Toronto bay escorts

In January 2 SG sailed on its most famous exploit, ing for six U-boats cost of prostitute eastbourne one patrol, three of them in one hour period. On 31 January Walker's group gained their first kill of the year when they ttoronto U This patrol was ended torontp 20 Februarywhen one of Walker's group, Woodpeckerwas torpedoed possibly by U [11] or by U Woodpecker was the only ship of 2 SG lost in action.

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The group returned to its base at Liverpool to the thrilled jubilation of the city's inhabitants and the Admiralty. The First Lord of the Admiralty was present to greet Walker and his ships.

It was ed in goronto for a short period by Whimbrel. The return convoy, RA 58, was also attacked but neither side saw any success.

Toronto bay escorts

Though starting from miles away Walker, in an inspired piece of work, divined where to search and after a three-day search gained contact. An hour hunt brought U to the surface, where she was sunk by gunfire. That month the group was on a search and destroy operations in the South-Western Approachesas part of " Operation Neptune " totonto the invasion of Normandy, and was instrumental in preventing any attacks on the invasion fleet.

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In all fifteen U-boats were destroyed in attempts to attack the invasion fleet. Eight ships were sunk. On 2 July SG received its heaviest blow when Capt. Walker died suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage. Duck and later by Wild Goose Cdr.

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The group had one successful patrol during August operating in the Bay of Biscay. Four U-boats, UUUand U were ed for while attempting to cross the bay to and from their bases. So don't miss us!! Montreal Hey Guys!

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