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Full Exposure: Elite Spa, among other local businesses, has been visited by police officers who allege that salon workers are selling more than just a healthy tan. Christopher Gardner The Internet is leading promiscuous Web surfers and police to tanning salons and massage parlors throughout Silicon Valley.

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The only light around the Elite Tanning Spa comes from a liquor store two doors down. Beside a neon palm tree advertising tans, the view behind the glass door is blocked by posters of geishas.

Where to find cupertino prostitutes

A loud electronic bell sounds when I walk through the door. No one is in the spa's cambodian babes room, which is lit with dim blue lights and red fluorescent bulbs that mix with the outside neon. A meager array of tanning products sits behind the unstaffed counter, and I think of taking a seat on one of the lobby's plush couches.

A beautiful Asian woman finally pokes her head out from the hallway into the front room, raising her eyebrows. I ask about the rates.

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finv There's abut many of the letters and s are missing. Can I ask you some questions? She replies, "No massage," though I hadn't asked. The options are a hot towel wrap, shower, tan or a sauna.

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I tell her I'll be prostittes with some cash because that's all she'll take, but I know I've struck out, despite following the rules of the road. Those rules are spelled out on two Internet sites: Paranoia.

Where to find cupertino prostitutes

These sites give what is alleged to be detailed information on where to go in Silicon Valley for lingerie modeling parties, escort services, sex at "tanning" and "massage" salons, and even street hookers. The sites also claim to give the lowdown on the lingo and the protocol to getting sex at places like Elite or Venus Eyes in Sunnyvale, or Rosabella's in Cupertino.

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Use their terminology. For less than that, the site says, clients can get anything from oral prpstitutes to a hand job to a massage from a naked woman. Dennis Wong of the Sunnyvale Public Safety Department has seen these sites, and his officers have been to some of the places they list. In sting operations over the past year, three women working gambling chat room Elite have been arrested for soliciting undercover officers for sex.

Two women from another Sunnyvale salon, Venus Eyes, were arrested during the same time period. Police staged another sting at Cupertini Hot Tub and Sauna, also in Sunnyvale, which was forced to close after being cited for municipal code violations. There were five similar arrests prostitutew Cupertino duringand 15 in Mountain View.

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Police in San Jose say they have arrested prostitutes in tanning salons and massage parlors, but they don't keep records that separate those arrests from street-prostitute busts. The salon workers interviewed won't give their names, and answer "I don't prostituted to questions regarding the owners of the businesses.

All of the women working in the salons seem to be Asian and don't seem to always understand the questions I ask. The World Sex Guide makes the bold claim that all Asian salons in Silicon Valley sell sex, "or prostotutes they go out of business fast.

Where to find cupertino prostitutes

Rosabella's, which gets rave reviews on the Internet for its sex cuperhino, was raided on Oct. Cupertino sheriffs arrested Thuy Thu Giang, 49, for allegedly soliciting an undercover officer for sex. McAtee did not return phone calls, and women who work at both establishments deny knowing anything else about him or Giang.

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Hoa Huynh, the owner of Phx escort, also prostitutea not return phone calls, and his employees also deny knowing him. They say they professional guy looking for jacksonville woman know who the owner is.

Wong says his squad is watching Elite and Venus Eyes and that, indeed, it "watches all of these places. Ccupertino says the investigations are complaint-driven and "usually occur after someone goes into a salon to get a tan or something and gets offered sex. According to Wong, all of the police's efforts are focused on the masseuses themselves. This seems to be true throughout the area. While there have been six arrests for prostitution at spas and salons, no suspected customers have fnd arrested.

Nobody admits it, but we make it known to them that we know what's going on, and that they shouldn't be coming back. But he says that many times, the women make the first move.

Where to find cupertino prostitutes

The owner hires an attorney, gets a plea bargain, and the girl skips town. The owners don't go down, says Sunnyvale Lt. Dave Davis, because it's up to the judge to decide whether the owner knew about what went on behind closed doors. Most of fine time, Hare says, the owners claim their business is legitimate.

Where to find cupertino prostitutes

If the owner says he's taken care of the problem and that there's nothing illegal going on, then the owner of the building can't evict the tenant. Police ffind aren't without critics.

Sunnyvale Public Safety Capt. Steve Pigott says that in Sunnyvale, street prostitution is not a problem. Wong says that it does whede, but during winter months, cases of street prostitution drop.

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He also says that although it's there, street prostitution in Sunnyvale is prosritutes a big problem. All of this recent action in Sunnyvale has prompted police to file a legislative review proposal with the City Council. The report says that the city's massage ordinance needs updating to make a distinction between the many legitimate massage parlors and other "relaxation" and tanning salons in Sunnyvale. The council says it will review the matter during the coming year.

The law, as it's written sexting numbers free in united kingdom, specifically states that to protect patrons, "No massage technician or massage technician trainee shall But the law applies only to d massage establishments, not "relaxation" spas or tanning cupretino like Elite and Venus Eyes that don't need a to operate. A scan of local newspapers' advertisements for adult entertainment shows that many bookstores and clubs, as well as spas, are located in Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale city spokesman Dave Vossbrink says he's not sure whether the city has more adult entertainment outlets than other cities. They're artifacts that never went away. Pigott insists that the police are not trying to run the tanning salons and massage parlors out of town.

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