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Women looking for goole

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Women looking for goole

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At the start of the play he comes across as being arrogant, making long speeches about his predictions for the future. He also makes assertions about how a man should look out for one and not waste time helping others. It is at this exact moment that the Inspector arrives. Sybil, his wife, is his 'social superior' and it is hinted that he is self-conscious about being from a more working-class background.

Women looking for goole

He is materialistic and possessive and also has old fashioned views about women. Mr Birling is shaken by the investigation and is shocked by the behaviour of his son Eric. When it seems that the Inspector might have saint petersburg escorts an imposter he is overjoyed and mocks the others for having been 'tricked' by the investigation.

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When the play was written after World War Two inthere was no form of welfare from the government to help the poor. J B Fpr believed in socialism, the political idea based on common ownership and that we should all look after one another.

Mr Birling represents greedy businessmen who only care for themselves. Priestley uses him to show the audience that the Eva Smiths of the world will continue to suffer if ggoole like Birling remain in positions of power. Looking at this extract from the play - how does Priestley present Mr Birling?

Women looking for goole

How to analyse the quotation:. Does that satisfy you? So I refused.

Women looking for goole

Said I couldn't consider it. We were paying the usual rates and if they didn't like those rates, they could go and work somewhere else. It's a free countryI told them.

Women looking for goole

How to use this in an essay:. Mr Birling shows his arrogance in this speech first by suggesting that it is 'my duty to keep labour costs down'. The fact that he considers it 'my duty' means oloking he sees keeping labour costs down as some sort of noble quest he has undertaken.

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Of course, keeping labour costs down increases his own profits. Next he asks if his answer satisfies the Inspector 'Does that satisfy you? So I refused'here he lookingg not even wait for the Inspector to respond, he assumes that he is in the right. Finally Mr Birling declares that 'It's a free country'meaning that the girls could work elsewhere.

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