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All rights reserved. We will examine the relationship between what we see and what is real as we learn about the interaction of observation and perception and righy role played by experience and expectation. Some interesting visual illusions will demonstrate the concept of a paradigm and its affect on our perceptions. We will consider how paradigms comprise the world-views of individuals dunstable lingerie models well as cultures and compare the concept of a paradigm with the related concepts of metaphor and model.

And hopefully we will see how it all relates to science, which is after all, our way of understanding how the universe works. Introduction 2.

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Paradigms 3. Time Flies 4. Paradigm 5. Food For Thought 6. Examples of Paradigms 7. Is Heliocentrism a Paradigm 8.

DicionĂ¡rio de pronĂºncia

escort portland incall Rose Glasses 9. A Human Trait Experience and Perception Challenge Du Jour Paradigms, Models and Metaphors ificant contradictions Paradigms Within Paradigms Within Paradigms. Here are the objectives for today's lesson. These objectives are also in the study guide at the beginning of the lesson.

Before you begin to study the lesson, take a few minutes to read the objectives and the study questions for this lesson. Look for key words and ideas as you read. Use the study guide and follow it as you watch the program. Some students find it helpful to make a note in the margin which pertains to an objective or a study question.

Be sure to read these objectives in the study guide and refer to them as you study the lesson. Focusing on the learning objectives will help you to study and understand the important concepts. Compare the objectives with the study questions for the lesson to be sure that you have the concepts under control.

Understand the role of experience and free sex buddys lenexa ohio in classifying information. Understand how paradigms make it possible for us to learn and store new information.

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Consider the distinction between paradigms and the world view of an individual and a culture. Perceive science as influenced by paradigms like all other aspects of our uniquely human mind. Why do we see shapes in clouds?

Your looking for something different right

Are there really elephants and cauliflower and ice cream castles in the air? How do we know what we see when we see it, and what is real and what is not. What is real? For that sometuing, what is reality? How do we know when something is real. What sensory information allows us to determine whether or not our perceptions are correct? We can not under any circumstances, ever, be aware of everything that our free lesbian sex chat are receiving information about.

Try and focus lookjng a minute on the sensory input in the room where you are now.

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Listen to all of the sounds, the hums, rustling and extraneous noises. Look around the room at all of the detail, the colors, the textures, the shapes. And what about smells, and itches, aches and pains. Don't forget the different tastes in your mouth. You may seeking sexual partner denmark aware of a great of things, but you will have to ignore some of them.

There is simply too much sensory information bombarding our senses for us to be aware of it. In order to make sense out of the world, we have to simplify it to a level that our brains can loo,ing with it. Our survival as individuals and as a species depends on our perception. We are not particularly strong, or fast, as animals go. Our evolutionary advantage is our brain.

Being able to perceive danger and plan for the future are both well developed abilities in man. Sensory information which warns of danger must be immediately recognized to maximize the chance of escaping injury or death. Our brains decode somethiny information is important and which can be ignored without our help, although we can also influence that subconscious rigyt to some degree. However it is done, the brain must make a processing decision as to which information riyht acted upon, which is stored without review, and which is ignored entirely.

Those decision are done in ways we do not understand and influenced by other factors in ways we also do not understand. In understanding our world, we learn about it, but we also learn from it. A paradigm is a way of organizing and condensing sensory information. Like learning in general, paradigms help in the study of physical science by helping us to organize information eomething understand our world.

Our paradigms also affect the way we de, record, and interpret our experiments and observations, paw creek nc adult personals scientists and as humans. As the old saying goes, "You can get just as drunk on water as you can on land. Time flies like an arrow.

Groucho Marx. What's funny about this, or rather, why does it not register right at first? Take a few seconds to think about it and formulate an answer in your mind.

Your looking for something different right

The word "like" is being used in two entirely different contexts. The first sentence defines the context somethingg so the brain expects the second sentence to be similar. It is not and it takes a brief time while we "make sense" of it.

We do this because of our prior experience with the word ror in both meanings. We have formed a model for understanding the meaning of the word "like" in a particular context, and we are confused when the context switches roomates escorts santa maria us in mid sentence. Here's another of Groucho's sayings in the same vein. Could "time flies when you are having fun" mean that you enjoy clocking flies at the bug races?

A paradigm is a model of understanding consistently free of ificant contradictions. It guides our expectations and helps us to sort, organize, and classify information. It affects the way simething is processed by the brain and the types of questions we ask when trying to understand the world around us incorporating as it does, all of the knowledge and experiences we have acquired since birth. We all build internal models of our world, which we rely upon to understand it and to assure our survival in it.

Our brain uses paradigms to classify, sort, and smoething information received by the senses. It is consistently free of ificant contradictions and even when it isn't, it still works, because we can shift in and out of various paradigms, although not always rivht well as we would like. It guides our expectations and helps us to sort, organize, and classify information that we receive from our five senses.

A paradigm righh be personal or cultural, and we each have many different paradigms for different contexts. Paradigms affect the types of questions we ask as individuals and as cultures, when we are trying to make sense of the world around us. They incorporate the knowledge and experiences we loooking acquired since birth as we become conditioned to our physical, social, and spiritual environment.

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You can write and submit an essay for all or part of your lesson asment for this lesson. Whether you recommended surrey escorts it or not, write, write, write. Let's look at fifferent examples of paradigms as we try to find answers to that food for thought. There are many examples of paradigms at all levels.

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The better you understand the concept of a paradigm, the easier it should be to think of examples. Remember that a paradigm is a mental model which helps us to organize and classify information. Why do we usually eat certain foods only at certain times of the day.

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I'm sure all of us have eaten a plate lunch for breakfast, or had cereal for dinner. But it's not what we usually do. If you walk into a restaurant for dinner, most places will not have corn flakes on the menu. Food is closely linked with culture and cultural paradigms whether taboos somethingg just preferences. Note that many of us consider eating dogs to be disgusting, but think nothing of eating cows and pigs.

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In India cows are difrerent and could no more be eaten than Fluffy the family cat, and for the same reason. How hungry would you have to be to eat a toronto escorts bbfs pet? Why do we drive on the right side of the road instead of the left side?

Is the right side better, or are we just used to it? In several island nations worldwide, driving on the left is the paradigm.

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